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Before Succumbing To COVID-19, A Mother Of Four, Begs For Her Children To Be Immunized

Dottie Jones, a Neonatal nurse practitioner, advised her cousin Lydia Rodriguez about the “brutal” death and difficulties that could occur as a result of COVID-19 in a letter to the family. Her cousin, however, was fiercely opposed to vaccinations, according to Jones, and her warnings were ineffective. The following week, Rodriguez and her husband were found to have contracted COVID-19 and died as a result. Their four children were left in the care of their mother and father.

Before Succumbing To COVID-19, A Mother Of Four, Begs For Her Children To Be Immunized

In an interview, Jones explained that her mother had spent her entire life opposed to immunizations. “Just before she was intubated, she requested doctors for the vaccine, but it was too late. This is what Jones said. A weeklong church camp was held last month for Rodriguez, her husband, and their children. The COVID-19 virus was spread across the family as a result of the incident. Even though the children remained asymptomatic, the health of Rodriguez and her husband, Lawrence Rodriguez, deteriorated significantly.

Before Succumbing To COVID-19, A Mother Of Four, Begs For Her Children To Be Immunized

In her final plea, Rodriguez requested that her family make certain that her children had the COVID-19 vaccination, according to Jones. She also said that she needs her children to be immunized. He also added that If one could just double-check, that would be great. Jones made the following statement: Her life had already been lost, yet she wished for their well-being. In the same week that Lydia Rodriguez’s husband died as a result of problems related to COVID-19, her 42-year-old wife passed away. 

Lawrence Rodriguez was 49 years old at the time of the incident. It didn’t make a difference, Jones claims, that she informed Lydia and Lawrence about the hundreds of COVID-19 patients at a hospital in Sugar Land, Texas. The pair from Texas adopted social distancing and wore masks in public, but they also maintained their apprehension about immunizations and other medical procedures. Sadly, Lydia and Lawrence perished as a result of COVID-19, leaving four children behind. The two eldest sons are 18 years old, while the two youngest are 16 and eleven years old.

She was never loud or forced her anti-vaccine views on others; she was simply afraid of the consequences of being exposed to vaccines. She was terrified until she understood she was dying. Her family depended on her for survival, said Jones in the following statement, Lydia Rodriguez was taken to the hospital by Lawrence on July 12 because she was having breathing difficulties. Immediately following his arrival, Rodriguez was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU). Lawrence Rodriguez, according to Jones, was brought to the intensive care unit a few days later and died the following day. The COVID-19 vaccine was also requested by Lawrence, but doctors refused to provide it due to his pre-existing condition.

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Jones stated that the Rodriguez children were made aware of their mother’s desires and that the two 18-year-olds will be given the opportunity to make their own decision in the matter. The mother is worried that her two oldest children may not get vaccinated after years of hearing horror stories about the vaccination. Nevertheless, Jones stated that the sixteen-year-old child has already scheduled one vaccination appointment.

The youngest child, who is 11 years old, will be vaccinated when she becomes eligible. Jones has set up a GoFundMe account to generate money for the Rodriguez children as she collaborates with other families to help them. Currently, her primary worry is for the healing and assistance that the four children will require in the coming months. In the Rodriguez case, Jones believes that the story will help prevent additional “unnecessary” fatalities and family tragedies in the future. For the time being, Jones encouraged all eligible Americans to be vaccinated against measles.

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