MOVE n BURN Reviews – How Does This Full Body Burning Dance Program Works?

Dr. Ricardo Alvarez | Last Updated : November 26, 2021

You must be looking for an expert MOVE n BURN review, to get the exact data regarding this fitness program. If so, you have landed on the right page to read one.

Unlike other MOVE n BURN reviews available, this article is based on unbiased research on the program to give your truthful data. This is why I hope it can help you in making your smart decision on giving it a try. 

MOVE n BURN Reviews – A Complete Workout Program Within 15 Minutes?

Since obesity or unhealthy body weight has become a major issue faced by people around the world, they have been searching for effective methods to tackle it. Even though you are ready to stick with a fad diet or extreme workout routines, it may not be so easy to see positive changes in your weight. 

So, it is important to find a solution capable of addressing the root cause that leads you to gain weight abnormally. As such, MOVE n BURN is promisingly composed of effective but simple dance moves to help you lose weight naturally. Besides, it promises even more healthy changes to your body if you are ready to follow it regularly. 

So let’s dig into a detailed MOVE n BURN review to know about an overall idea about the MOVE n BURN program, its components, benefits, working, pricing, customer reviews, etc., to check if it’s really worthy of your time, money, and energy. 

MOVE n BURN Reviews
Product NameMOVE n BURN
CreatorsKatherine, Annie, Fiona, and Rachel
BenefitsHelp to burn fat and achieve fitness
Item formE-book
Program suitable forWomen Over 45
Duration15-Minutes every day
Money-back guarantee30 Days
Lifetime access at a one-time fee of $47
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official websiteClick Here

What is MOVE n BURN?

MOVE n BURN is a digital 15 minute, everyday dance workout program which is exclusively designed for women over the age of 45 to let them have an effective and healthy weight loss. It is included with dance moves that anyone would enjoy performing, even if they hesitate to workout.

The MOVE n BURN System is a low-impact program to help you increase your strength, fitness, mobility, and the toned physique you always desire.

It is simply bound to dancing so that you can achieve fitness and strength through something interesting. 

Apart from simply being a fitness program, Move n Burn can help you to build long-term habits to improve the overall quality of life with a 4 step approach.  Since it is a 4-week fitness plan, it will be targeting different phases of your overall well-being each week. 

Week 1: Mindset

Here, the removal blocks occur to repair your entire mental state, so that you can give more focus on yourself to let you give more priority to health. 

Week 2: Nutrition

It compiles a variety of nutritionist-created meals that will let you satiated all day. At the same time, following these recipes can help you feel energized, strong, and free of fatigue. 

Week 3: Movement 

The third week covers dance moves that are low impact but effective to give you a firing metabolism, a well-toned physique as well as strength. Even though these moves are simple and fun to perform, they can bring significant changes to your body. 

Week 4: Optimize

During the third week of the program, you can learn ways to achieve a youthful glow in your skin and hiked energy levels. Besides, this phase of the program can also let you maximize the longevity of the results you can get from the program.

Who is the creator of MOVE n BURN?

The brains behind this MOVE n BURN fitness program are the Johnson sisters; Katherine, Annie, Fiona, and Rachel. These world champion dancers are the co-creators, who developed it to help their mother Maryanne.

Since it was difficult for Maryanne to lead her normal life along with breathing troubles and exhaustion, the sisters have designed a low-impact program for her.

In it, they have included dance moves that are capable of improving one’s strength, endurance, fitness, and energy levels, and for Maryanne, this 15-minute program was a huge success. Currently, the Johnson sisters are ready to share their dance workout program with the needy. 

MOVE n BURN Creators

What is included in MOVE n BURN?

The MOVE n BURN System is designed to help you succeed in your fitness journey, achieve strength, and enhance your performance levels as well. In order to let you gain all these one by one, the program is divided into two different segments. 

Here are the components of the MOVE n BURN fitness program which can help you achieve fitness and much more healthy changes in your body. 

#1 4-Week Workout Plan

This four-week workout plan is included with 15-minute dance moves that are easy to perform, fun, and specially created for women. It is a step-by-step 4-week program with which you can get more energy and strength. This can let you spend more quality time with your near and dear ones. 

#2 Nutrition Plan

It is a mastered nutrition program that is created in the light of everything the Johnson sisters have learned through their 6 years of experience in working with women. This plan has been proven for working long term with the normal food varieties available around you. At the same time, it is added with recipes that your whole family would enjoy. 

MOVE n BURN Included

How does MOVE n BURN work?

 The MOVE n BURN fitness program works by letting you perform highly effective workout moves for 15 minutes every day. It is a complete fitness system, which is composed of three phases to give you the best fitness training.

As I mentioned in this MOVE n BURN review before, the dance workout program is completely bound to dance moves that you can enjoy while performing them. As such, these phases can help you to let you follow the program in the right way, to give you the most effective results.

Take a look at the three different phases of the MOVE n BURN program, so that you can have the correct idea of how the program works. 

Phase #1: Learn

The motto of the initial phase of the program is ‘dancing shouldn’t be scary, and it’s all about

learning. Here, you can get the exact idea of the safest, and most effective dance moves prior to performing them. This way, you can learn the numerous things your body is capable of doing as well as everything you need to while following the program. 

 Phase #2: Move

It is included with low impact, but highly effective moves. These moves are of great use if you are nervous about any injuries that you have been recovering from. Besides, it can also assist you if you are totally a newbie to perform exercise or dance moves. If you just want to begin the program at a slower pace, you will find moves that meet your needs while collaborating with fun and high-energy dance steps. To make it clear, it is designed for low impact, easy starters. 

Phase #3: Burn

The third phase of the program is included with the hottest moves with the highest energy songs so that it can help you get maximum results from your daily workouts. This is exactly when you can burn fat and achieve fitness with these high-intensity moves, rather than improving your strength and endurance. 

MOVE n BURN Working

MOVE n BURN Benefits

You must probably be thinking about the benefits you can get through this fitness program. Since it provides effective but simple dance moves that can target your whole body, there can be an array of benefits you can expect while following it. 

These are the benefits which the MOVE n BURN program can promise you. 

🔷Tire free physical movements

🔷Improved strength and endurance

🔷Better heart health 

🔷Overall fitness and toned physique

🔷Enhanced energy levels

🔷Greater balance and coordination of the body

🔷Increased mobility and flexibility 

🔷Higher recovery rate

🔷Tons of calorie burn and without exhaustion 

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to follow moves
  • Instant access
  • Not time-consuming 
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Effective at the same time interesting
  • It is added with a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Individual differences may vary
  • It is exclusively available on the official website

Is MOVE n BURN legit or not?

While checking all the aspects of the MOVE n BURN fitness program, it appears to be a legit program. First of all, it is created by expert dancers who are well versed in fitness and dance moves to achieve it.

According to research, the dance moves included in the 15-minute dance workout program turned out to be effective fat burners that can tone your body impressively. At the same time, the MOVE n BURN program is clubbed with a 30 day, 100% money-back guarantee.

This way you can get a full refund, if the program couldn’t meet your expectations, or failed to give you satisfactory results. 

MOVE n BURN Customer reviews and complaints

If you look for MOVE n BURN customer reviews, you will see both positive and negative MOVE n BURN reviews. However, the tough task is to sort the genuine ones out of them.

But overall, the genuine customer reviews suggest MOVE n BURN as a working dance workout program that can bring desirable changes in your body weight and fitness levels.

However, still, there are a few MOVE n BURN reviews that reflect unsatisfactory results. Otherwise, there are no negative MOVE n BURN customer reviews or major complaints reported so far.

 Since each body type is unique, it is quite natural to see the MOVE n BURN program doesn’t work within the suggested time.

So, for those customers, I would say to continue whatever they are following as it might take time to work on certain body types.  

MOVE n BURN Customer Reviews

MOVE n BURN Pricing and Availability

According to the official website of the program, there are 2 options to buy the MOVE n BURN system, in which you can choose any according to your preference. 

The 2 available choices to purchase the MOVE n BURN program are 

  • Get access to the program at $17/month
  • Get lifetime access at a one-time fee of $47.

With both these options, you can have online access to the 4-week workout program, low-impact dance moves as well as nutritionist recipes and support. However, with the first option, you can enjoy all these for up to a month only.

At the same time, no matter whichever your choice be, you will be given a 100%, 30-day money-back guarantee. 

The MOVE n BURN program is exclusively available on its official website. So, if you have any plans to give the program a try, never forget to ensure that you are making your purchase through its official landing page.

Since there can be some replications of the original 15-minute dance workout program available on various sources like eCommerce websites, offline or online stores, you need to be careful as they may trick you.

Purchasing from the official website will also help you to have safer transactions and let you choose the money-back policy if there are any future issues. 

To head onto the official website, you can simply click the link below as it will directly let you purchase it from the exact page.  


While making your purchase on the MOVE n BURN program, you will be provided with an additional bonus gift, namely Stretch & Strengthen.

Through this, you will get the opportunity to join Kat Johnson, in her 2 bonus workouts to stretch your muscles and increase flexibility. So that you can do your everyday tasks easier. 

Final Verdict on MOVE n BURN Reviews

While compiling all the available data on the MOVE n BURN fitness program, you can see it as a working program. It is composed of various dance moves that are effective to improve your overall strength and cause weight loss.

As we know and mentioned in the MOVE n BURN review, the people behind this digital 15-minute dance workout program are world-renowned dancers who have expert knowledge in health and fitness. 

MOVE n BURN System is a combination of a 4-week workout plan and a nutrition program. In addition to this, every purchase of the MOVE n BURN dance workout program is added with a bonus gift, which includes workouts to stretch and strengthen your muscles.

Everything included in the MOVE n BURN system is proven to be effective, and thousands of its users have already seen satisfactory results after correctly following the program.  

Above all, its creators promise complete satisfaction with the results it can bring. Or else, you can make use of the 30-day money-back guarantee provided along with the program to get a full refund.

To make it clear, it is risk-free to choose the MOVE n BURN program as you can regain your money if it couldn’t bring any satisfactory impact on you. 

Frequently asked questions

Is the program suitable for a newbie like me? 

Indeed. The dance workout program is completely beginner-friendly as it is included with simple-to-follow moves, which would be convenient to begin, even for a newbie like you.

What if I don’t get any satisfactory results after following the program?

You are not likely to get disappointed with the results the MOVE n BURN program can give you. However, you can have a full refund, if it didn’t meet your expectations. 

Would it take too long to see results?

If you are ready to follow the program every day, you are likely to start seeing the results within a month itself. However, for somebody types, it will take a little bit more time to see significant changes. Well, that doesn’t mean you cannot see any subtle changes within a few weeks. 

Can this program be chosen by those who struggle with rheumatism?

Normally, MOVE n BURN is suitable for any woman over the age of 45. However, if you have any certain underlying conditions like rheumatism, it is better to seek expert medical advice before making your decision. 

When should I pursue the program every day?

You can follow the program at any time of the day when you are free and according to your preference. 


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