Mulaney Celebrates His First Father’s Day With Son Malcolm And Girlfriend Olivia Munn

John Mulaney became a parent for the very first time in his life. Congratulations to him! On Sunday, Michael Cera, his girlfriend Olivia Munn, and their six-month-old baby Malcolm Hip celebrated their 39th birthday together. John Mulaney and Olivia Munn’s son Malcolm celebrated the two-month mark of his father’s role as a parent by posting a series of endearing photos of the two of them together. 

Mulaney Celebrates His First Father’s Day with Son Malcolm And Girlfriend Olivia Munn

On Monday, my close friend said, “Whatever you may be, mister, you are a lot of fun.” The star of “Saturday Night Live” can be seen in several of the slideshow’s photographs cuddling his little child close to his chest while wearing the Baby Bjorn carrier the child was transported in.

A photograph was taken of Mulaney gently stroking his son Malcolm’s chubby face while Malcolm wore the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball cap that belonged to Mulaney. In another picture, the actor and comedian, now 41 years old, can be seen embracing Malcolm and pulling him away from the camera as the sun shines down on them. I then proceeded to say, “Allow me to introduce you to Malcolm Hip Mulaney.”   Even though it has just been a week since the birth of Mulaney’s son, he hasn’t even taken a sip of seltzer yet. “I am head over heels in love with all that he stands for, especially him.” “Happy Holidays to You!”

On Sunday, Munn shared a collection of warm and fuzzy pictures of his son with his dad on his Instagram account. She expressed her best Father’s Day wishes to Malcolm’s assistant in an Instagram Story that featured the two of them together.

On Instagram, Munn paid a particularly touching tribute to Malcolm, who was six months old just a few days ago. ” It has been a great pleasure getting to know him, “said the 41-year-old man. Malcolm’s mother said his favorite thing to do is socialize with new people. His best friend is a girl named Penny, and he thinks she’s amusing.

Ms. Munn asserts that her child has “slept through the night” and “tested peanut butter” (thank you, @mindykaling, for sharing your priceless, dependable, and tried-and-true resources).”Love, Wedding, repeat actress added that whenever he wakes up from a slumber, he does it with a huge smile and a giggling laugh. I can’t overstate how much pleasure my son gets from taking a bath and spending time outside, staring up at the clouds and the trees. When his father comes home, he lets out a high-pitched squeal and begins kicking his legs in excitement. By the time Munn had finished her emotional reply, she had written, “I can’t tell you how much I miss you, Malcolm Hip. We’ve made great progress toward our goals during the past half-year. You were the fuel that lit the match that set the rest of our universe ablaze.”

The world was first introduced to Malcolm by his parents on Christmas Eve when they uploaded some beautiful pictures of him snuggled in a cozy blanket and revealing his identity to the world. “The Golden Ox belongs to me. He goes by the name of Malcolm Hip Mulaney.  Munn penned a caption for the photo she uploaded to Instagram. When Mulaney uploaded a photo of himself, he included the following caption: “It’s good to see you, Malcolm Hip Mulaney.

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