N95s – The Best Masks For Protection Against Coronavirus

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 18, 2022

As the world is reeling under the scare of the new variant Omicron, it seems that masks may be the only guard around here. When people were just getting relaxed, the Omicron came back all the way with a vengeance from South Africa.

N95s – The Best Masks For Protection Against Coronavirus

It is believed that the virus may be less severe against the older variants. However, reports speak aloud that it may be more contagious than ever. 

N95s – The Best Masks For Protection Against Coronavirus

The health officials and scientists working on the Omicron believe that the variant could overwhelm the system, due to a load of patients coming in. The CDC has released statements, which say that only N95 masks or KN95s can be a great way to protect ones from the virus. The Omicron variant seems to be dodging vaccines already. 

Earlier, these masks were assigned for healthcare workers and testing center employees. But now health authorities are asking other people to wear them, too. Many Americans are thinking, whether masks will ever help them. 

The CDC has prescribed special N95s, which are also known as the surgical variety for healthcare facility workers. The design of such masks is such that they can prevent infection from blood sports. Other than that the said masks also suited risky operation theater incidents. 

Earlier in September 2021, the CDC had asked all those at-risk people to wear N95 and KN95 masks only. This category of people points towards those who are caring for patients at home or working in risky facilities with critical patients. 

However, there is a problem with such masks. Everyone is not comfortable wearing such masks. So, the CDC also recommended people wear masks that feel comfortable. The best thing is to wear masks that fit properly. And avoid leakages. 

Most CDC officials are also of the opinion that any kind of mask is better than no mask at all. President Biden’s administration has said that he will send out more than 500 million N95 masks out in the markets soon. According to the CDC, wearing well-fitted masks is the best mechanism to protect oneself from the onslaught of the rapidly-spreading virus. 

All those who are working in close-contact settings or working in crowded places, need to wear masks to reduce transmission and save others’ lives. Moreover, the place ought to be well-ventilated, and everyone is being encouraged to sneeze into their elbows in public settings. 

The population at large should also be aware of the main differences between the surgical variety and the N95s. The surgical ones comprise three layers.

They may have several varieties of fluid resistance. There are various types of respirators that are available in the market, too. Surgical masks and respirators are similar to one another in their filtration capabilities. 

The three main factors that are essential for masks are filtration, breathability, and fit. These are the three factors that are most important to choose a mask under the current circumstances. Many people are also making their own masks for cost-effectiveness. 

The inner layer of absorbent material like cotton is most essential. The middle layer should be made of non-woven material. The outer layer of the mask should also be of a non-woven and non-absorbent variety. 

Most regulators have various things to say about the care of masks as well. One should clean their hands, before wearing the mask, to avoid cross-contamination.

Moreover, fabric masks should also be cleaned and washed in detergent and hot water. If people follow these guidelines, then it is likely that the spread of the virus from contaminated masks will also be controlled to a huge extent. 

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