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National Guards Deployed In Covid-Stricken Oregon

On Friday, Oregon’s Governor, Kate Brown will send about 1500 National Guard troops to assist health workers in all the hospitals as they are exhausted from the surge in Covid-19 cases by the Delta variant.

Kate Brown, a Democrat, has stated that troops will be sent to 20 hospitals in Oregon. The first 500 guards will be sent up to next Friday for serving as material and equipment runners and also assisting the healthcare workers with Covid-19 testing. She further added that she cannot emphasize the critical situation and what all Oregonians are going through, especially people needing intensive care.

The total number of Covid-19 cases in Oregon is 733 as of Friday. Out of these, 185 people are admitted to intensive care units. There is a rise in the number of cases in the state with double cases in just two weeks.

National Guards Deployed In Covid-Stricken Oregon

According to Oregon Health Authority data, up to 96% of cases are because of Delta variant and 15% of cases increase just in 6 weeks. On this data, Brown said that the Delta variant has changed the situation and made reality more harsh and frustrating.

National Guards Deployed In Covid-Stricken Oregon

Due to lower vaccination rates and Delta variant, the success story of Oregon coping up with Covid-19 has declined steadily in just recent weeks. Although the state has made it mandatory to wear masks indoor and social distancing rules until June 30 and restaurants, gyms, bars are shut down since March 2020 and there is a limited capacity for businesses even after other states have returned to normal.

During the pandemic, the Oregon Governor has made it compulsory to wear masks for all students and staff from K-12 schools. On Friday, the mandate came into effect and classes will resume later this month regardless of vaccination status.

However, earlier this week, Oregon’s hospitals have warned about the increase in several cases and hospitalizations due to which they are pushing their capacity and have already started to delay the care of non-Covid patients. The pandemic has hit hard in southern Oregon, where less than half of the eligible adults are not vaccinated.

In the southwest corner of the state, in Jackson and Josephine counties, all hospitals are full of their capacity and patients are kept in hallways and emergency rooms are also overflowing. To start a separate medical tent for non-Covid patients has been asked by the county team to the state, the response is still awaited.

On Thursday, in a conference call, Michael Weber, Public Health Manager of Josephine County, said to the reporters that the present condition is worse than ever. There is huge pressure on the healthcare system of the state and conditions like this cannot be recalled in the past.

The state will become short of 400-500 beds if conditions will not be improved. According to Oregon Health & Science University made statement that cases will soon reach up to 1,000 with hospitalized patients on Labor Day.

The hospital said in a statement that the current situation is the worst-case scenario even after the state has followed strictly Covid-19 protocols since March 2020. It further added that a startling figure that was double-checked against other available statistics and the consequences of the present spike in other states.

Across the state on Friday, there were a total of 1,785 cases including new or presumed cases and seven deaths. A 19-year old woman also died due to Covid-19 from the state’s rural northeastern corner.

According to the state data related to vaccination rates of Oregon, 29% of the adults are not vaccinated and a total of 102,000 doses of the vaccine have been thrown away because of non-use. A total of 65% of eligible residents are fully vaccinated and 70% are shot with a single dose at least.

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