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NC A Woman Recalls Her Husband’s Covid Experience, Which Resulted In His Death

His life was not in danger since the virus showed no signs of attacking. He died at the age of 42, leaving behind a spouse, two children, a stepson, and a large number of other family members. Jessica reflected on every day of her husband’s deteriorating health at their Conover house, a brick structure with hardwood flooring that echoed with every step they took. It began the first week of August and will continue until the end of the year.

NC A Woman Recalls Her Husband’s Covid Experience, Which Resulted In His Death

He began to feel unwell, but he showed no signs of illness other than a general malaise. Then, according to her, he had a high temperature. They were both found to be positive for COVID-19. For a week, his temperature remained at 103 degrees. Jason was taken to the hospital by Jessica on Saturday, August 11.

NC A Woman Recalls Her Husband's Covid Experience, Which Resulted In His Death

Jessica returned home and purchased an oximeter in order to monitor Jason’s blood oxygen levels. Over the next several days, she brought him to the hospital on two more occasions when his oxygen levels began to drop. The first time he was given an inhaler was when he was a child. It took them six hours in the emergency department on their second visit before they were allowed to go without seeing a physician.

After receiving the results of the blood test that evening, Jessica said that they were concerning. She made the decision to transport him again to Catawba Valley Health Center the next day, August 18. Jason was also unable to walk by the time they reached their destination and stepped out of the vehicle. He fell to the ground. He had to be carried into the hospital and admitted by hospital personnel. By that time, he developed bacterial and viral pneumonia in both of his lungs.

It took five hours for Jason to be transported to the only place that was available, the chamber where newly arrived prisoners are housed while their cases are resolved. Jason’s health took a turn for the worse on Friday. The medical personnel awakened him, but he remained loopy, disoriented, and confused for many hours thereafter.

Therefore, Jessica departed and allowed the hospital enough time to settle down Jason. The next time she visited an hour later, he was drugged and hooked up to a ventilator. Jessica started working on getting her husband moved a few days after the incident occurred. Jessica was informed the next day that Jason’s kidneys were failing. The physicians weren’t holding out much hope. Jason was stabilized after receiving dialysis, but nothing else had changed. The family was given permission to visit on August 31. Jessica had an appointment with the doctor the next day.

The COVID-19 vaccination was a source of contention between Kristen as well as her husband, Jason’s brother, prior to Jason receiving the vaccine. They altered their minds after seeing what the illness did to Jason, who also was unvaccinated. Jason expressed regret for not getting the injection before being put on a ventilator, according to Kristen, before being placed on a ventilator. Together with their 12-year-old girl, the couple went to the hospital while Jason was there to be vaccinated. Kristen hopes that Jason’s story will influence some people. So far, Kristen estimates that about 40 individuals have been immunized in Jason’s honor.

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