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Need For Booster Shots Rise Among Early Recipients Of Coronavirus Vaccine

The only prevention against deadly bacteria and viruses is through vaccines. Vaccines never show a 100% result, which means if a person gets vaccinated, there are still going to be chances that the person might suffer from particular diseases. The only advantage of being vaccinated is that it prevents you from further complexity or severity faced due to the disease.

Need For Booster Shots Rise Among Early Recipients Of Coronavirus Vaccine

For building a strong immunity, you might sometimes need a second dose of vaccine for better prevention because a lot of times viruses tend to mutate or change as per the time, which might reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine. So this extra jab that you take is called a booster shot.

Need For Booster Shots Rise Among Early Recipients Of Coronavirus Vaccine

Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer makes it clear to the audience that a booster shot might likely be necessary for early recipients of coronavirus vaccine within eight to twelve months from being fully vaccinated. Basically, if the vaccine recipients had taken their first jab in December 2020 then they will likely need a booster shot by September 2021.

Anthony Fauci, who is an infectious disease lead expert, mentioned to congress in his recent talk, that he however believes that a booster jab is definitely required by the early vaccine recipients but was “not exactly sure when” will it be required.

Well, every expert has their own opinion and so does Monica Gandhi from San Francisco belonging to the University of California, who says that “The best way to keep people safe now is to put the discussion of boosters aside and work hard on global vaccine distribution.” She believes that there is no need to worry about the booster shot, as the vaccine itself is capable of preventing people from mutated virus with its high efficacy.

Anna Durbin from John Hopkins, Bloomberg School of Public health, says that in order to examine whether a booster shot is required or not, the public officials of health need to go through a deep study of severity and number of infections building within the bodies of fully vaccinated personals or as they say “breakthrough” cases.

Anna Durbin also adds that “When we’re evaluating the need for boosters, what we want to see is, are people no longer being protected from disease, particularly severe disease. If the immunity induced by vaccines is waning to the point that you’re no longer getting protection against significant disease, then that would be a driver for boosters.”

To conclude, the early recipients of vaccine will only need a booster shot if the efficacy of the coronavirus vaccine reduces which makes it unable to fight against severe complications, if not the other option is, where health officials concentrate more on vaccinating the citizens to reduce the cases all over the world, this will eventually lead to killing the virus through vaccines and then the fully vaccinated individuals would not require the booster shot.

Keeping in the mind the present situation Anna Durbin also says that “If we start to see disease in this country again, then yes, we need to think about vaccinating people here.”

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