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Negligence Of The Medications Of Diabetes Can Lead To Severe Covid

According to the Health day news, the condition of people got worse in recent times due to the global pandemic. The offices, shops malls, etc. were all shut down and there was complete lockdown. Humanity saw cases of deaths like never before. People were forced to stay in the home due to the deadly virus.

Negligence Of The Medications Of Diabetes Can Lead To Severe Covid

The past year saw a huge number of deaths and people got to know the importance of the health care system. The health care workers proved to be the life savior and treated people. They advised people according to their medical conditions and to take medications. 

Negligence Of The Medications Of Diabetes Can Lead To Severe Covid

They are professionals and know-how and when to treat the patient suffering from Covid-19. One such report came in the new study that people are often ignoring the medications and preventive measures suggested by the doctors. There are cases of people who have diabetes and have been ignoring their medications. They are the people who dealt with severe cases of the virus infection. 

The author of the study Sudip Bajpeyi who works as an assistant professor at the University in Texas in the department of Kinesiology said that the study has highlighted the need for monitoring of the blood sugar level in the hospitals of the patients suffering from the Covid-19 virus. The monitoring of diabetes should be done from the very beginning and should not be neglected.

 He gave this information at the virtual seminar of the American Diabetes Association which was held recently. The seminar was joined by many tops and renowned health care soldiers and shared their vital inputs. 

According to the findings around 1 out of every 5 people in America is dealing with diabetes and they are stuck in the middle of the dilemma of whether to buy food or medication to sustain their life as well as managing the level of diabetes. They seem to be under a lot of pressure and especially in this period of a pandemic. 

The researchers found the relationship between the negligence of medications of diabetes and the severity of the virus infection. The study focused on the people who were 89 % Hispanic. They also noted that the Latin patients were more likely to lose their life if they do not take care of their conditions of diabetes. It is around 50 percent more chance to die as compared to other men with the same severity.

The researchers also claimed that that around forty percent of patients of America who died due to Covid-19 had diabetes and one out of every 10 patients who were hospitalized with both diabetes and Covid-19 died within one week of the treatment.

The findings of the study were from the patients of the University of El Paso. They were categorized on the basis of their blood sugar levels and severity. The doctors are advised to take more care of the patients with diabetes as they have a higher chance of getting affected by the Covid-19 virus and the chances of death are also high as per the reports.

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