The New Booster Improves Defense Against Omicron Sub-Variants: Moderna Says

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 16, 2022

In one of the most recent updates, it has been brought forward that the booster doses of the famous vaccine, Moderna, are responsible for increasing the protection from different types of sub-variants of omicron.

It has recently launched the latest booster dose, which would be helpful to protect the human body against omicron sub-variants such as BA.4 and BA. 5. with the latest detection of BQ.1.1, the concern of the medical departments increased because they probably had no method or way with the help of which they could protect the people. 

But with this introduction of the booster dose, the relative risk of getting affected by all these new kinds of mutated versions has reduced considerably.

Moderna Claims That New Booster Increases Protection From Omicron Sub-Variants

This is evident based on the experiment conducted on a sample group of people. A part of the population was administered this booster dose, and the likelihood of these people getting affected by the latest versions has been much less than those who were not administered this booster dose.

The New Booster Improves Defense Against Omicron Sub-Variants

The results of this study have already been published in a reputed journal. Other scientists from different nations have also confirmed it. 

These results are, however, very preliminary. The University of Toronto has currently confirmed the utility of this booster dose. Acknowledgment of the utility and advantage of this booster dose from other research centers is still awaited. 

Why Has The Risk Increased? 

Over the last year, omicron has been one of the most mutated versions of the virus. It has been the only version of covid-19 that has been subjected to so many mutations in a very short time.

In such a situation, a single vaccine dose cannot be helpful in providing sufficient protection to humans. A given composition of vaccine can be helpful to fight a given version of omicron, but not the mutated ones. 

That is why there is a need to develop a kind of those which is helpful to make the immunity of the human body so strong that it does not fall prey to any mutated versions of the viruses.

The latest booster dose so developed promises exactly the above-mentioned result. But the efficacy of this booster dose should be tested not only on the Touchstone of its ability to fight three types of variance of omicrons but also concerning the upcoming mutated versions of the same.

Only with the help of this collective evidence would the consumption of the booster dose be actually helpful.

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Why Is There A Need To Get A Booster Dose Even Now? 

There is a need for additional booster doses because the composition of the virus is not at all stable but rather very dynamic. It is subjected to many changes, due to which the number of versions increases without any control.

Scientists are working towards developing a single solution, but it is unlikely to predict the upcoming compositions of covid-19 virus and omicron. 

It has to be confirmed that multiple administrations of booster doses, again and again, do not affect the human body in any way. The results have not been very positive yet. Attempts are being made to balance out all the considerations for the safety of mankind. 


It can be ultimately concluded that this is one of the most important aspects which has to be confirmed before the efficacy of the vaccine could be brought into the picture.

The results have been favorable so far. But additional results are required for a better analysis. It is only with the help of all of this that additional research is being promoted. 

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