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New COVID 19 Cases Spike In Florida, Hospitals Fear Another Peak

The number of COVID 19-related hospitalizations is on the rise in Florida. Two areas in the State have surpassed the previous summer surge.

The number of Coronavirus patients being hospitalized continues to surge in the State of Florida. Two regions in the State have already surpassed the previous summer surge. Local officials are calling on the Governor to declare a state of emergency in the State.

New COVID 19 Cases Spike In Florida, Hospitals Fear Another Peak

A large network of hospitals in Jacksonville says that its hospitals are nearing their full capacity. Its emergency centers too are facing a critical stage. Florida, at present, is struggling with the new more contagious Delta variant of the virus.

New COVID 19 Cases Spike In Florida, Hospitals Fear Another Peak

In the County of Brevard, two hospitals have started new tents to treat Coronavirus patients as part of their emergency centers. At one testing site in the State, there can be seen rows of cars. The situation, according to them, reminds them of the first few days of the pandemic the previous year.

As per the data available with the US Department of Health and Human Services, hospitals in Florida reported over 8,900 coronavirus patients on Thursday.  According to the Florida Hospital Association, the number of new COVID 19 cases was at its peak last July. It was 10,179 at the time.

The number of patients reported Thursday was five times more than that of the same for last month. It rose dramatically from 5500 within one week.

The speed at which the virus spreads surprises even top health officials in the State. According to them, this is a steep slope. And they still are unable to see the end. AdventHealth, another network of hospitals too has the same story. It is seeing a dramatic rise in the number of hospitalizations from just 1100 new hospitalizations. 12 other hospitals in the State report an acute shortage of staff to the Federal Government.

Florida has reported to the Federal CDC an increase of 17500 in new Coronavirus infections. This is one-fifth of the entire nation’s load. It also reported 56 deaths. With this, the total number of Coronavirus-related deaths in the State is almost 38900.

The fast pace of infections is prompting States like Miami to order new mask mandates in their in-door County buildings. The Mayor of Orange County is forcing all non-union employees to get vaccinated at the earliest. Walt Disney World too informed that it will require an indoor mask mandate for its staff. Only 48% of the State’s eligible population is vaccinated. And hospitals there report that almost all new COVID 19 cases are from unvaccinated people.

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State Health Officials are urging the Republican Governor there to declare an emergency. But he vows never to bring back any pandemic restriction to the State. From the early weeks of June, the State stopped giving a daily report of the number of new cases and deaths. It has now switched to giving weekly updates in its place. The Governor even signed an order nullifying all pandemic-related restrictions in the State. He even holds the right to cancel any such moves in the future. This Wednesday, he made fun of the new Federal recommendation to require the use of masks. He also blamed the country’s top health officials for stating that the country is in an avoidable predicament. The unvaccinated people in the country and the new Delta variant are the reasons for the present surge, the official had said. According to the Governor, Florida prefers freedom to any dictate. The State will not back down. It says no to any kind of restrictions, he said. Conservative Republicans welcomed his words with great enthusiasm. According to him, such mandates destroy the State’s economy. Besides, these restrictions are ineffective

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