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New COVID-19 Variants: Biden To Extend Travel Bans

One of the senior officials from the White House said that as the new presidency came on track to beat the coronavirus pandemic, Biden plans to restore travel restrictions on those non-U.S citizens who have been in Brazil, U.K Ireland, and much of Europe as well as South Africa. 

The official continued that the ban on travellers who have recently been to South Africa would also be extended on Monday by the president, as the more contagious variants of the coronavirus have already been reported across the country.  

New COVID-19 Variants: Biden To Extend Travel Bans

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s principal deputy director Dr Anne Schuchat said on Sunday that since the concerning variant is present which has already spread around the world beyond South Africa, the Administration is adding the country to the restricted list. 

New COVID-19 Variants Biden To Extend Travel Bans

She also said that this measure would reduce the risk of the more contagious variants of the coronavirus spreading to worsen the current situation and protect Americans from it.  

Donald Trump during his final days of the presidency had lifted the travel bans as of Tuesday which presently Biden plans to reverse as the situation is quite menacing in the country due to the spiking of the current pandemic.

Trump had been ignoring the mandates sought by the health agencies of the country throughout his power. This added to the difficulty of Biden to combat the spread of the virus nationwide. As a result, Biden is imposing aggressive execution measures to make the country get rid of the virus.

Presently in several states of America have come up with reports of the new coronavirus variant which was initially detected in the U.K., though no report came up from any state of the country with the detection of the South African variant yet. 

Studies proved that the two approved vaccines that had been administered in the country recently are effective on the U.K variant.

However, some health officials are afraid that these vaccines won’t be stronger enough to be effective on the South African variant. 

According to reports, around 20 countries have been detected with the South African variant so far, there are also other countries in which the deadly variant has been detected, but left without reporting. This variant is known as the 501Y.V2 and 50% more contagious.

On Monday, Rochelle Walensky, the director head of CDC will sign a separate execution action that asks people to wear masks on all aeroplanes, ferries, trains, subways, and local transportation facilities like buses, taxis, and rideshare vehicles. 

The new rules by the CDC would take effect requiring all the international air travelers aged two years and older to enter the country presenting a negative COVID-19 test that is taken within the three calendar days of travel or proof of recovery from the pandemic.  

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