New Delivery Method For Antipsychotic Drug Reduces Adverse Effects

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 16, 2021

A team of neuroscientists are working on developing a nasal spray to deliver antipsychotic medication directly to the brain.

In the normal situation, it is given to the body and it has to pass through the body and reach the brain. Researchers are of the opinion that delivering the drug straight to the brain can help them to cut down the required dose by as much as 75%.

In this manner, the effectiveness of the medication can be improved by a huge margin. The cost of treatment also comes down by a significant margin by the use of this method.

New Delivery Method For Antipsychotic Drug Reduces Adverse Effects

It is also convenient to use the medication in the form of a nasal spray. Apart from that, the adverse side effects of the medication is also reduced to a large extent due to the new delivery method.

It is important to understand that antipsychotic medications have several side effects and many people have to suffer a lot due to such issues.

As people take such medications for a longer duration, they will have to deal with the side effects and take additional medications when the symptoms become too much to handle.

On the other hand, by choosing the new delivery method of using nasal spray, the required dose of antipsychotic medication can be reduced to a large extent.

This has a lot of benefits as it also reduces the intensity of side effects in the patients. When the intensity of side effects reduces by a significant amount, the patients will be able to feel better and they can go through their everyday activities without any problems.

When the medication is delivered in the form of a nasal spray, it reaches the brain directly through the nose. In this manner, patients use the medication without any complications and this also improves their overall quality of life. According to health experts, this is also more reliable when compared to oral medications.

The risk associated with oral medications is that it gets digested in different ways in different individuals. It also depends on the type of food consumed by the patient and the ability of the body to digest the medication.

Apart from that, consumption of alcohol and other medications can also affect the normal working of such medication when it is taken in the oral form.

On the other hand, using the medication in the form of a nasal spray sends it directly to the Brain within a short duration of time.

In this way, there is no need for the body to digest the oral medication and it will be able to get the benefits within a short interval of time. Health experts feel that this can be a better option and effective way to treat the patients.

When the medication is given in the form of oral pills or by way of injections, the brain will not receive all the medication and most of it will be wasted in the body.

Apart from that, it also leads to undesired side effects like weight gain and increases the risk of diabetes and other problems.

When antipsychotic medication is used for a longer duration, it can even lead to organ damage in some individuals.

In other people, it can cause serious side effects and lead to movement disorders. All these things can be reduced to a large extent by using the nasal spray method to deliver the antipsychotic medication.

Health experts hope that this method can become the new norm for delivering such medication in the near future.

In this way, millions of people suffering from various disorders will benefit a lot by using the nasal spray medication.

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