Many New Drugs Can Help Fight Severe Covid-19

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 18, 2022

The world has had to face the onslaught of the Coronavirus for the last two years. And, with time, more and more people are getting Covid-wary. Thus, the only question people have right now is about a probable medicine to cure it.

Many New Drugs Can Help Fight Severe Covid-19

Currently, masking and vaccination seem to be the only two possible ways to stop the virus. As for the hospitals, they were using monoclonal antibody treatment. More and more research is on to develop better vaccines and medicines. Some time back, reports emanated about a possible heartburn drug that could reduce the severity of the virus.

Many New Drugs Can Help Fight Severe Covid-19

This comes at a time when the Omicron variant of the Coronavirus seems to have engulfed most countries. The US and UK are amongst the affected countries. Australia, New Zealand, and Canada are also not far away from the same. They too have the same share of woes due to unpreparedness. Hospitalizations have led to huge pressure on the hospital infrastructure.

Nurses and doctors have been working relentlessly over the last two years. And, it is showing now that many have either got infected, died of the infection, or are quickly heading for retirement. Few patients have received a drug at the National Health Services. Covid treatments are undergoing several changes from time to time.

It seems to be a good time, as people do not want to stay at home and avoid their social lives any longer. The changing treatment protocols are having a huge effect on the patients, who are recovering faster. At the beginning of the pandemic, patients were dying as there was no separate treatment for the disease.

However, in the last 25 months, new protocols are coming into force, and so are the latest drugs. Oxygen was the only tool, at that time, that the doctors had. When a patient got admitted to the ICU, patients had to be turned on their stomach to receive more oxygen and also ease out the pressure on their lungs.

After the Omicron surge has passed over, most doctors and nurses are not always covered in PPE kits. The reason is that most wards are Covid-free. Moreover, the equipment and arrangements in the Covid wards are far better than what they used to be in 2020.

Today, very few people are kept on ventilation, and the hospitalizations seem to be less severe. There is a range of modalities that can reduce the implications to a huge extent. Moreover, everybody is repeatedly opinionating that vaccines do help in controlling the severity of the virus.

Some time back, the National Health Services chanced upon drugs sold as anti-inflammatory steroids that are sold at cheap rates. There have been more such ground-breaking discoveries. Some drugs which treat heartburn and acidity have been proven to work against the virus.

Moreover, the biggest improvement has been in vaccinations. Most of the patients who are hospitalized are unvaccinated. Some of the weaker sections of patients, like the immunocompromised ones, are also getting a breather, better than before.

Despite maintaining all protocols, few such patients have caught the virus. However, things are not as bad as earlier. The patients need more doses of the vaccines as against the normal ones. Moreover, they need a daily infusion of antibodies, as their bodies cannot produce enough due to other medicines that they have to take regularly. Most such patients are immunocompromised due to a disease or have had organ transplants.

Many drugs that work on the monoclonal antibody system have proven to be a boon today. Various drugs like dexamethasone and Sotrovimab are doing the rounds today. They are not expensive and everybody can afford them as well. Many Medicare companies have also led a helping hand in the treatment. Apart from the above Paxlovid is there. These seem to show that people can cut the risk of dying from Covid-19 soon enough. 

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