The New Normal Life – A Response To Covid, The Forceful Adaptation!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 15, 2022

The changing world demands a change in lifestyle. People have to adjust and adapt according to the changes in the world. The lives of people ever since the covid pandemic have changed dramatically. The adjustment to a new routine has had a negative impact on some people but has also been beneficial for some.

The New Normal Life – A Response To Covid, The Forceful Adaptation!

The forceful adaptation to the new world has made the change a “new normal” for people. The lockdowns, quarantine, homeschooling, work from home, mandatory face masks have made people get used to this setting as of now.

The New Normal Life - A Response To Covid, The Forceful Adaptation

The two years of the covid pandemic have changed the functioning of the whole world and that is now being considered the new normal.

People have marked 2020 as one of the worst years the world has faced in the 21st century. It has changed the social, economic, and personal operations of the world. The impact of this transformation of the essential aspects of human life due to covid has been a significant discussion. 

This “new normal” has become a huge cultural change that people are now practicing as usual. Publishing has stated that a supportive government and an adaptive public are essential for this cultural change. However, adapting to the new everyday life can negatively impact the future.

There is, however, a great lesson to learn from this impact. It is human nature to adapt to change, so this enormous change must not be complicated to adapt to. As a society, people have learned to face adversity, manage resilience, become flexible and creative to any kind of change. The rapid response and cooperation that the public has shown during the crisis are commendable.

Although there has been some negative impact on the lives of people, there is still hope to restore societies and economies and face any new challenges.

People have to learn how to tackle complex problems in the context of the pandemic since the WHO has warned that the virus will be for a long time. The relevant authorities in countries must invest in healthcare systems for the benefit of the public.

Despite the adjustment and adaptation, it has been very difficult for some people to adjust to this. They find themselves in a survival mode as they have to combat social isolation and adjust to a new routine which might be stressful, especially for those who struggle with anxiety, depression, anger, fatigue, etc. 

Some states in the U.S have even removed the covid related restrictions recently despite the cases every day in the U.S being more than 200,000.

The democratic nature of state governors has put the Biden administration into a difficult position to make decisions. Although the CDC has been directed to follow the covid guidelines strictly, states are negligent to the order. 

The federal authorities urge the public to follow all necessary pandemic guidelines like wearing masks in public and maintaining social distance. Still, ultimately it is up to the states as to how they govern them.

The Biden administration is requisitioning the states to continue to abide by the federal public health guidelines. Although the states have dropped the mask mandates, it is crucial to follow the rules of social distancing and wearing masks for kids at school and getting vaccinated. 

Experts are warning the public and state officials that the movement towards a “new normal” must not be encouraged, the health of the people is still stressed in some places. The public should not take this lightly, should follow the rules and regulations regarding covid  and not jump to a post-pandemic mindset yet

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