New Study: Covid-19 And Mental Health Among People

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : December 31, 2021

Covid-19 pandemic took over everything; People lost many things like their jobs, loved ones, homes, food, and whatnot. Sirens wailing around, people crying and dying, all of this had a major impact on the mental health of the people. 

New Study: Covid-19 And Mental Health Among People

It is almost 2 and a half years in, and we are still stuck at the same place, dealing with the same problems. According to the research, it was observed that people found it hard to adjust themselves to the new normal. People who got quarantined found it super hard to accept the things. 

Covid-19 And Mental Health Among People

Humans are social beings, and they need people to share, talk and understand them. Keeping in mind the same, it becomes super easy to understand what people must have gone through. 

Tara L. Powell is one of the professors who work on the research based on the impact of various disasters, pandemics on the minds of the people, healthcare staff, etc., and works on finding ways to develop their coping ability or skills. Recently, Powell started working with Surgeon General Dr. Vivek on the impact of covid-19 on the minds of the people.

The study conducted by the Surgeon suggested that the Covid-19 pandemic might have a major impact and contributes to the toxic stress in young people. To further understand these issues, we need to know what exactly toxic stress is?

A child undergoes toxic stress when he lacks all the basic things to live a life. Lack of protective relationship, death of a closed one, poverty, negligence, etc., contribute to toxic stress. 

This stress badly affects the mental and physical health of a child because of the long activity of the stress cycle; they need to choose between flight or fight mode. This stress cycle release a few hormones which cause various activity inside the human body, such as increased heart rates, the release of cortisol, shallow breathing, etc. 

This cycle helps us react and make decisions as soon as we see a threat. However, toxic stress over activates this cycle and does not give proper time to the body to recover or heal. 

Kids and children who are forced to deal with this kind of stress face issues with their mental and emotional well-being. When they turn into adults, they start having issues like cardiovascular problems, tiredness, anxiety, etc. 

There were around 8.19 Lakh people all across the US who died because of Covid-19. Many people went to the worst phases of their lives, they lost their loved ones, jobs, had no food, etc., and all of this added to the stress. However, having a relationship where you trust, share can help to overcome the stress and anxiety caused by the same. 

Now, the entire world is going to face the new variant. People will be under high stress and pressure, but this time all the things can be changed.

The ongoing virus has already been a major reason for the stress; people are already exhausted. The coming months are very crucial for all of us. The entire health care system is already under high pressure, and this new variant added more to it. 

To make the coming months easier for people, a few things can be done. Having and maintaining a balance between the work-life of the people. At the place of work, people should be considerate about everything and try to have a bond. 

Community plays a major role in providing the support which people need, and hence people should focus more on establishing community. Having clear expectations is one of the core things needed by people to have a better life. 

At last, we would be able to fight covid again if we all follow SOPs and be there for people who need us.

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