A New Study Has Stated How Children Can Be Safe In The Pandemic

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 1, 2022

Very recently, many parents have been facing problems owing to the pandemic. As it is, the vaccines for children below five years are not out yet. On top of that, children have faced many infections in the current Omicron wave situation. Thus, pediatrician Dr. Amy Edwards has stated some of the ways one can guard their children against the devastating effects of the Covid virus.

A New Study Has Stated How Children Can Be Safe In The Pandemic

The doctor has asked the parents to worry less and get everyone around the children vaccinated. It can help the parents and children stay safe. The doctor has gone on to say that, this may not be the safest option right now, but it definitely is the best option right now. Covid cases are quite high currently. And, in the Omicron wave, the children are not safe either.

A New Study Has Stated How Children Can Be Safe In The Pandemic

The Covid-19 infections among children have topped 1 million. The American Academy of Pediatrics has been tracking the developments. The numbers are almost five times that of the infections that came up last winter. However, there is still no vaccine insight for children who are below five years.

However, various reports have proved that children below five years of age can be safe if the people around them are vaccinated. Various studies are underway, and amongst them, one in Israel has led to findings that a vaccinated household can keep the children safe. The studies are based on various periods, like the first wave and second waves. In the first, only adults had vaccination protection. Whereas, in the second, the children below 12 years did not have one.

Researchers are of the opinion that children who lived in families where at least one person was vaccinated had a 26% lower risk of contracting the virus. When the Delta variant was around, the percentage decreased to about 20.8% if even one parent was vaccinated.

It has been seen over time that children who live in households where both parents are vaccinated had a lower risk of catching Covid-19. There is a lot of difference between the Alpha and Delta variant, and that seems to be a concern now, that Omicron is on the lurch.

Many of the researchers who are working on the immune status of children have derived that parents who are vaccinated offer a greater amount of protection for the kids. Another study has also uplifted the boon of the vaccination in various individuals in the family, on the children.

The researchers also found out that, during the surge of the Delta virus, when many people got vaccinated with Pfizer or the BioNTech vaccine, they had diminished chances of catching the infection. However, all those who were unvaccinated stood a higher chance of getting infected. The researchers have been observing and studying samples from the population before and after the Delta variant took over, and also the vaccine status.

With respect to the Pfizer vaccination, it was seen that the vaccine showed 90% and above efficacy within 10-90 days of vaccination. After that, in the next 3 months to 6 months, the effects of the vaccination started waning. At that time, boosters were not taken into account.

When the Delta variant ruled, the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine was around 61%. This was the dominant figure in the 10-90 days after vaccination. After which it dropped to 24% approximately.

However, even after a prolonged study on the vaccine efficacy, it was found that children had a lower rate of infection when they were surrounded by vaccinated adults. The primary transmitters, according to Edwards, need to get vaccinated to stop infecting younger ones at home.

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