The New Variants Can Still Pose Health Risks To Vaccinated Individuals, CDC Issues Caution

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : June 29, 2021

The latest caution has been issued by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday, stating that tracking is on for the delta variant of the coronavirus and its new version, the delta plus.

The CDC issued a warning that some individuals, although fully vaccinated, can still get sick because of the new virus variants.

The New Variants Can Still Pose Health Risks To Vaccinated Individuals, CDC Issues Caution

As mentioned by the spokesperson of the CDC, Jade Fulce, the vaccines that are currently authorized for use in the USA offer protection against most of the variants; however, some of the variants are still capable of causing illnesses even if one is fully vaccinated.

The New Variants Can Still Pose Health Risks To Vaccinated Individuals, CDC Issues Caution

What does the latest caution imply:

Fulce states that although the vaccines have proven to be effective against most of the variants, it cannot be said that they are 100% effective in providing protection.

As millions of people are getting vaccinated against the virus, the risk still prevails for few to get sick if they get exposed to the virus.

The infections that can occur even after vaccines are referred to as breakthrough infections can cause less severe symptoms in individuals who are vaccinated.

On the basis of such data, the experts are urging people to get vaccinated at the earliest. Presently, more than 53% of the population in the US have received at least one dose of vaccination, and an estimated 45% population are fully vaccinated, according to the data of the CDC.

Importance of the second shot:

The greatest hindrance that stands in the way of vaccination is misinformation regarding the shots, says the health experts.

As per the latest data that shows that one in every 10 people has missed their second shot of the vaccination.

Such data are a cause of concern as studies have shown that complete vaccination provides much more protection compared to just one dose of the vaccination.

Rochelle Walensky, the director of the CDC, urges people to get their second shot as it is only after both the doses one can actually get the benefit of vaccination and some protection needed to face the new threat of the delta variant.

Walensky further adds that even if someone has skipped getting their second shot within the allowable time gap between both the doses, it does not matter, and one should regardless get the second shot as and when possible.

Hospitals in Missouri overburdened:

According to the data of the CDC, the most number of delta variant cases are presently observed in Missouri.

As a result, the hospitals in the county are stretched beyond their capacity in caring for the new covid patients.

The chief administrative officer of the Mercy Hospital Springfield, in Springfield Missouri, Frederick Erick states that both the hospitals in the state are overburdened with covid patients besides their regular patient intake.

 The rapid escalation in the patient admission has been noticed since the first week of June, where the daily count of covid patients went from 26 to 90 within few days.

Erick compared the present situation to the condition observed during the peak of the pandemic the previous year.

It took them six to seven weeks or almost 2 months to account for 97 patients in a day, but this year the numbers touched the hundreds in under one month.

However, the challenge this year is that now the beds are in high demand for covid and non-covid patients, which was not the case last year.

Moreover, it is also adding extra pressure to the staff in the health care facilities, many of whom might not be fully vaccinated and recovered from the trauma of last year.

The reality of Missouri and the high transmissibility of the delta variant are keeping the experts at an increased state of concern about the spread of the virus and any setback in the achievement received so far against the covid war.

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