New Year Resolutions Are Not Restricted To Adults Anymore, For Kids Too

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 7, 2022

With the coming of New Year, we all make resolutions. These New Year resolutions are not restricted to adults anymore. Kids of all ages, like adults, are eager to welcome the New Year with new partying ideas, which include dressing up, playing games, fireworks, various competitions like fancy dress, dinner parties, etc.

New Year Resolutions Are Not Restricted To Adults Anymore, For Kids Too

New Year resolutions are a great way to encourage kids and keep them engaged. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests parents and kids should write down the resolutions to be implemented with each new year. We all know children imitate their parents and so they also want to have their own resolutions.

New Year Resolutions Are Not Restricted To Adults Anymore, For Kids Too

These resolutions should focus on the all-around development of kids and help the kids to set realistic goals. Setting up these goals enables the parents to learn more about their kids and get to know what is important for their kids. It also helps to increase bonding between the parents and kids.

Some parenting experts say when a child plans a resolution for himself or herself, it increases his or her decision-making abilities. These resolutions motivate the children and uplift their mood. They look forward to accomplishing these resolutions with more excitement.

Kids who learn to set up goals for themselves from a young age often grow up to be better individuals in terms of education, health, and other aspects of life. So it is best to leave it to the kids to make resolutions for themselves, obviously with parental support. This is applicable for kids of all ages, even for teenagers.

Some kids may even set up unattainable goals for themselves. In that case, it is the parents’ duty to modify the goals to make them achievable for the kids.

When parents are helping to set up resolutions for kids, parents are actually proving to their children that they are equally interested in their children’s future as the children themselves are, that parents are helping children to overcome the obstacles that they face in life.

Kids as young as 3 years can set up resolutions for themselves. For preschoolers, riding bikes on their own, having food on their own, or putting their toys back in their bags are some resolutions. Experts say kids of ages 7 and above are able to set up realistic resolutions for themselves, that too within a stipulated time frame.

Resolutions for kids from the ages of 7 to 12 include finding a new form of sport or other forms of physical activity, helping their parents, or taking out more time to read and write. For teenagers, these include paying more attention to their health, helping their younger siblings, or being of some help to society.

The goals should be specific and not general. For long-term goals, dividing them into short-term mini-goals within a specific timeframe may be helpful. Once the goals have been achieved, it leaves the child with a deep sense of satisfaction and happiness that they look forward to setting up many such goals for them in the future.

When there are siblings in the family, the parents should make sure that their goals do not interfere with each other. Even siblings should support each other in their resolution planning.

Once the resolutions and the timeframe have been worked upon, it is important that children write down these resolutions or get them printed and paste them somewhere so that they don’t tend to forget them easily.

Helping set up such resolutions for children is a fun activity not only for the children but also for the whole family.  By inculcating such habits in kids, parents are not only helping the child to be better decision-makers for the future but also to be responsible citizens. These resolutions help them to be independent, self-reliant, and have more control over themselves.

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