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New York Mayor Mandates Vaccines

Mayor Bill De Blasio of New York had mandated vaccination for several indoor activities that include entertainment centers, gyms, and eateries. Announced at a press conference on Tuesday 03 August 2021. The mandate means that both employees and customers entering will require to show proof of vaccination to be able to enter the premises of these centers.

This order will be effective from 16 august and full implementation from 13 September. The mayor calls this mandate the key to the NYC pass and said that this mandate will see an increase in vaccination to reduce the spread of the Delta variant of the Sars-COV-2 virus. Mayor De Blasio said when someone is vaccinated, they can do all the amazing things available in this city.

New York Mayor Mandates Vaccines

The mayor added that once the mandate is implemented, city officials would begin examining businesses for compliance and whether they would be enforcing this rule.         

The national restaurants’ association issued a statement shortly after the Mayor’s announcement. The association which claims to represent 500,000 outlets, said they would comply with the order but it would be difficult and cumbersome. A senior vice president of science and industry said that staff requires some training to be able to check vaccination status and that untrained staff would now be expected to identify and stop people without vaccination.

New York Mayor Mandates Vaccines

Mayor De Blasio had started out on July 30 2021 by offering a promotion of $100 to those getting vaccinated. The mayor shortly declared that 11000 had won the $100 promotion so far and that 5 million of the city’s residents had received at least 1 dose of the vaccines. A day before the Tuesday mandate, Mayor De Blasio had asked the city’s new recruits to show proof of vaccination on their first day of work and did not even give them the option of regular testing.

The New York Hospitality alliance reacted to the Mayor’s order with skepticism. The alliance feels that implementation of the new measures would be difficult and controversial. This step would restrict renewed occupation of eateries and having to turn away unvaccinated customers. This could lead to a drop in orders and devastate small businesses that have not even recovered from the economic losses caused by the pandemic. 

The Mayor mentioned that the recoveries from fewer infections are proof of increased vaccination and this time the message would go through.

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While the Mayor of New York is pushing for vaccination in his city, there are state governors who are openly opposing the government and CDC (Centre for disease control and prevention) in the United States mandates and saying that people value their freedom and should get vaccinated of their own accord.

The CDC has revealed that the current 7 day average of 72790 cases of the past week is more than a 7-day average taken during 68700 taken during the last summer of 2020 when infections from the coronavirus were at their peak and when there was no virus. Skeptics within the United States cite such data to question the efficacy of vaccines when cases are increasing even after about half of the people of the United States have been vaccinated. Then there are reports of some of the vaccines losing their efficacy and virus manufacturers such as Pfizer are trying to get approval for a third booster dose.

While the CDC is claiming a reduction in new cases to 68,300 new cases on Sunday 1 August, data from the John Hopkins research center say that infections have actually gone up to 80,000.

The vaccines are all for emergency use and have not been formally authorized as yet.

Meanwhile, New York moves forward to implement its Mayors new mandate and allow only vaccinated people to enter their workplaces from September.

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