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News Briefing Of COVID-19 Vaccines And Cases Protests Around The World

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the country has administered around 368.9 million COVID-19 vaccine doses, as of Sunday and has distributed around 440,028,085 shots. The top US infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, supports vaccine mandates for children attending in-person learning. He said that mandates look like a good idea to protect children from the highly contagious delta variant.

News Briefing Of COVID-19 Vaccines And Cases

Fauci said that we’ve given vaccines for rubella, mumps, measles, hepatitis, etc for decades. He said by October, there will be enough information for the Food and Drug Administration to know if children under 12 should get vaccinated.

News Briefing Of COVID-19 Vaccines And Cases Protests Around The World

The aviation authorities said that domestic flights in Thailand have resumed from high-risk areas for the virus and Bangkok. The country has also eased restrictions in around 29 provinces that faced high risk, including reopening of shopping malls and more provincial travel allowances. The move comes as the government is trying to revive the country‘s economy.

Australia, on Sunday, has reported around 1,323 COVID-19 cases. Officials of the country continue to debate whether the communities should start living with it, after successfully suppressing the virus initially. The epicenter of Australia’s outbreak fueled by the Delta variant, New South Wales, witnessed around 1,218 coronavirus cases. The officials are set to relieve the restrictions after a nine-week-long lockdown. The lockdown will last till September end.

The Health Ministry of Yemen announced that they have received the first shipment of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines on Sunday. And they have received around 1,51,000 doses. The country is relatively poor, and its health infrastructure was destroyed by six years of war. Through Covax, they received AstraZeneca’s 360,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses in March.

According to the Health Ministry of India, the country has recorded 45,083 COVID-19 cases on Sunday. Most of the cases are in the southern state of Kerala. Data showed that the total cases of the country have surpassed 32.7 million with 437,830 deaths.

India’s northern state, Punjab, has reported three Covid 19 deaths and 40 new cases. The total figures have risen to 16,369 deaths and 6,00,551 positive cases since the onset of the pandemic. India’s national capital, Delhi, has reported only 31 new Coronavirus cases with zero deaths for the fourth consecutive day. The death toll in the city remains 25,080.

On Sunday, Israel started providing booster shots of COVID-19 vaccines to children as young as 12 years. Top health officials of Israel announced that the effectiveness of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines wears off after six months of two primary doses. This made providing booster shots necessary.

Berlin has imposed vaccinations and preventive restrictions to stop a fourth pandemic wave. To protest against this, several thousand people came out on the streets for the second day of protest.

On Sunday, Italy saw 37 deaths caused by COVID-19. It reported 54 deaths the previous day. New infections have declined from 6,860 to 5,959. Since the outbreak of coronavirus in February, Italy has reported more than 1,29,093 COVID-19 deaths. Italy ranks second in Europe after Britain and eight globally. To date, it has reported 4.53 million Coronavirus cases.

To speed up its vaccine rollout, Japan is finding a possibility of mixing vaccines of AstraZeneca with other companies’ vaccines, said the vaccinations in-charge minister on Sunday.

In Greece, people have been protesting against vaccination mandates. On Sunday, Greek police used water cannons and tear gas to disperse the protesters who threw various objects in central Athens. Around 7000 people gathered to protest outside the Greek parliament holding process.

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