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Newsom Victory Due To High Covid Vaccination Rates?

Gov Gavin Newsom of California won the recall election this week and they call it a decisive victory for science and vaccine. An analysis done by CNBC shows that the counties with high vaccination showed strong support for Newsom while those counties with low vaccination were not in favor of the governor.

Newsom Victory Due To High Covid Vaccination Rates?

Newsom further commented that he will work harder on the vaccination and end this pandemic for California with more vaccination drives. It has been observed that out of the 23 counties with a population of fewer than 1,00,000 people about 2/3rd voted yes on the recall for the governor, while the 10 counties with more than 1,00,000 people voted yes as well.

Newsom Victory Due To High Covid Vaccination Rates

Lassen County which has a population of roughly 30,600 has a vaccination rate of just 22% however 84% of voters have voted yes on the recall election. The same was the case with Modoc County which has a population of around 9000 and a vaccination rate of just 36.3%. Around 78% of voters asked for a recall on the election.

On the other side, Los Angeles County which has a population of roughly 10 million and a good vaccination rate of 60% voted no for a recall. Many of the rural or low-vaccinated counties are not going to support Newsom as the governor wants everyone to get vaccinated.

President Biden who campaigned alongside Newsom stated that this is a big win for vaccines and for science and together they will curb the pandemic real soon. Biden further stated that they will be distributing more vaccines and no fake treatments for sick people. Earlier Newsom was not in favor of supporting the masks mandate that was given by the CDC however lately in recent months Newsom has pushed for more vaccination and this became his pillar for the elections.

The Governor in July made it mandatory for the health care workers to get fully vaccinated and the same was pushed on to teachers and school staff which were the first in the whole nation. This received widespread appreciation from the parents sending their kids to school. Some parents commented that this made them more comfortable sending the kids to a safe environment.

The US is seeing more than 1000+ deaths per day and the governor says that the only way to curb the pandemic is to get everyone vaccinated so as to break the cycle. The Governor’s vigorous campaign has lead a total of 59.2% of the population of California to get vaccinated which is the highest among all the states in the US. In a recent study, it was found out that 3 out of 4 people in California think that the governor is doing a splendid job in containing the virus and is working for the betterment of the people.

The Governor said that they will be doing inspections of many schools to see if they are compiling against the rules that are given by the authorities. The governor and his team are on the rounds for various hospitals as well to see if they are very well maintained and if some additional help is needed for them.

In the latest news, Pfizer`s booster dose has been rejected by the general public with a vote of 16-2. It has been decided that the booster shots are only be given to people over the age of 65 at least 6 months after their 2nd dose. The US will be sitting with the UN next week in order to decide on how to proceed further in regard to pandemics.

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