American Actor Nicolas Cage Spoke About His Wish To Portray The Supervillain, Egghead In An Upcoming Batman Movie

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 21, 2022

Nicolas Cage recently spoke about his ardent desire to portray the role of the supervillain Egghead in the forthcoming batman series.

The most essential and famous component of Hollywood was has been aged 58 years was able to depict this feeling that he would love to portray this role on the silver screen once again. He expressed his sentiment in a recent interview that aired on the channel of Fox 7 at the SXSW festival in Austin.

Nicholes Cage Expresses His Desire To Play The Supervillain, Egghead In A Forthcoming Batman Movie

He also said that he is too busy to handle any new project for the time being. There are so many projects that have been lined up. But his love for the role of Egghead in the Batman movie is so great and high, and he would like any day love to be a part of the same no matter how much he is busy. 

American Actor Nicolas Cage Spoke About His Wish To Portray The Supervillain, Egghead In An Upcoming Batman Movie


He expressed his feeling that every time he watches Batman, he feels the inside desire to wear that cape and function as the Egghead. He was also got a separate fan base for that character. He wants to be approached for taking up the role of the Egghead in the upcoming series. He even rehearses the dialogues and tries to fit into the shoes of the Egghead every time he gets free so that even when he gets offered his role, he is in the position to deliver his best performance.

Kind of love

This has been the kind of love that he has been able to depict towards this specific kind of role. He was also prepared with a separate plot of the entire character.

This is essential to bring forward positivity in the light of everything. It is also important to mention that he wanted to introduce his creativity in portraying the role of Egghead in the upcoming sequel of Batman. He wanted certain kinds of changes to get introduced in this process. 

This is going to be a next-level performance. It has become possible for him to showcase his best performance for the kind of devotion he has been able to depict in these years. This is something that is being used to a great extent. This is also helpful in the long run for bringing a perfect alignment with the character, which may not be available for the next time.

Motive and aim

He portrays and imagines himself to be a top-level cop who runs before the culprits and drives them through the Gotham City Police Station. This is a massive deviation from the already existing character.

The main attempt is to bring a positive outlook to the entire movie and introduce certain types of changes that not only him but also different types of the audience have been in the position to demand. This is something insane and divine, recalls one of his co-stars when the changes we’re about to get introduced. This was the best kind of feeling that any person could get over the time being.

Various actors and actresses have supported such kind of imagination of the senior actor. They have been able to give thumbs up so that he soon gets the role and leaves no stone unturned to justify it.

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