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No Chance Of Re-election From Trump – Read Now!

The Marble Collegiate Church in New York City had been President Donald Trump with me for decades. I have never met him but yes, I have seen him.  We both go to the same church, and pray to the same God, we both need mercy but he does not deserve a second chance.

Our pastor is same and we are given the same teachings but he does not deserve to be re-elected for next four years again.

No Chance Of Re-election From Trump

Trump will not be re-elected because he has committed a lot of sins. He is a sinner and must be forgiven but that does not mean you give him four more years to rule. There have been several speculations on the results but the people do not want Trump to be in power again.

Like Trump, I too lapsed in my role in the church and I’m not blaming him for that. While I haven’t been there for several years, in the Christian values of our faith, I’m trying to live my life: loyalty, goodwill, kindness, and sympathy for the needy, ill, and excluded.

No Chance Of Re-election From Trump

But the inflammatory speech and actions of Trump in the last four years is an act of betrayal. I find it impossible to explain how we have been able to receive for years the same progressive message of Christian love and tolerance to reach very contradictory opinions on service to culture.

The “force of constructive thought” sermon from Dr. Norman Vincent Peale drew Marble Collegio to Trump’s father and mother. The first wedding President was formally baptised by Peale, who headed our church for 52 years, in 1982.

Commentators pointed to Peale ‘s effect on the grandiose and often pathological proclamations of PLAYER’s self-help, positive thinking ideology, such as his latest COVID-19 “immunity” arguments and Twitter incantations “Do not be afraid of Covid”

Trump knew COVID is a major pandemic and it has to be stopped but still he did not paid attention. He called it a Chinese virus and kept on blaming China for the spread. The scenario might have been different if he had paid attention on the healthcare a bit more seriously.

Although Peale’s doctrines have been well-deservedly criticised, his niece, Mary Trump, is a monstrous turning away from the optimistic thought gospel, which helped my mother heal the traumas of her childhood, such as the tumultuous upbringing of a beautiful, but intoxicated parent.

I remain strong to many challenges due to the influence of constructive thought. I understood its drawbacks too, though. Person optimism tends to escape desperation but can not alleviate injustices like institutional racism alone.

The Church of Marble Collegiate accepted my family and me, even though we were often bad. Where else should we share tables with millionaires, like the Trump dynasty, rather than a church sanctuary? My mama gave me a dollar to put in a slim compilation platform, which stressed her pocketbook, but taught me how important it is to have as soon as it was possible — another lesson, Trump, with federal flaws paid in core government services such as Social Security , Medicare and Medicaid, appears to have overlooked.

The Christian message I got at Marble did not assign people preference to the loudest person in the room as winners and losers. Today’s scroll through the Facebook page of the church reveals how the egalitarian practises Unfortunately I can’t imagine the president engaging in church activities surrounding climate change, social justice and National Coming-out Day festivities.

We are both sinners who deserve grace and mercy, according to Christian teachings. However, it doesn’t mean that the incumbent is worth four more years. It voluntarily discouraged self-reflection, acceptance of failures, placing the physical, mental , and spiritual welfare of our country above its own interests.

In grappling with a pandemic that killed more than 223,000 Americans and his mission to dismantle the affordable care act, President Trump has displayed serious disrespect for life and charged more than 20 million people with health care deprivation.

By politicising his masks by organising massive rallies and expressing disrespect for scientists like Dr. Anthony Fauci, he has threatened the lives of his followers and weakened public health advise.

I can’t find consolation in the words of the president, but I found comfort in our late Minister Rev. Arthur Caliandro’s archived sermons, who left me and several other members of the church in an unforgettable mark. I would like to see any signs that Trump has made some mark. Pope Caliandro publicly talked about his deficiencies like the relationships he had failed. In our current challenges and the need for cooperation, He preached the strength of silence and quietness. Speaking of him, his widow, Sandra Graham Caliandro said “He spoke to his congregation not to the congregation. She also said that he was the baby of Italian immigrants and “never missed the humble spirit of the immigrant.”

I notice one of my mother’s last lessons as the election approaches: she has showed me the sacred duty of voting. She elected the Republican nominee Sen. Bob Dole when she died of cancer in 1996 in Pennsylvania. My mom was the sort of elector that Biden, a once-long Democrat, now has to meet. I would never believe now that she will vote for Trump. I take her final lesson to heart as I evaluate the past four years with a mixture of exhaustion, apprehension and a flickering hope that we will make a change as a country.

Rev. Caliandro said in his last sermon before retiring: “Truly, it is just about love. What a guy, every one of us, wants to be in a partnership or a partnership, where we feel better than everything else. We are empathy, acceptance, affirmation and forgiving relationships.

I urge you to take certain values of stable marriages into account when you weigh your votes. Do we feel protected, acknowledged, embraced, claimed and forgiven as we deal with elected officials — people, relatives, neighbours, local and global communities? The decision is easy if the answer is no to all of the questions.

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