No Need To Cancel Your Plans Due To Omicron

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : December 10, 2021

Omicron which is currently spreading all over the world has made its way to the US as well. Due to this many people are canceling their travel plans during the vacation season. Dr. Leana Wen from George Washington University stated that as of now there is no need to cancel the plans due to Omicron. However, the delta variant is still quite strong in the US with many people getting hospitalized daily. 

No Need To Cancel Your Plans Due To Omicron

However, she stated that people should not take the covid 19 situation lightly just because they are fully vaccinated with the booster shots. People should consider many things while they are going on a vacation or to a family function like being fully vaccinated with booster shots as well. Are the kids vaccinated if not how they are going to manage it? One of the most important factors to look for while attending any social events is to keep a distance from one another and not to sneeze in public, either using a tissue or a handkerchief.

No Need To Cancel Your Plans Due To Omicron

People should also make sure that the waiters who would be serving drinks and food at such a party are vaccinated and use masks at all times. If people feel that this particular event has a high risk they should avoid it. US government has asked people to be safe during Christmas parties and New Year parties as well. Many of the venues have been asked to keep a check on the people and ask them to put on their masks at all times.

Most of the large cities have now made it mandatory for people to have vaccination certificates if they need to visit any of the public places. This has to be followed by clubs and venues as well while arranging any party as this would ensure better safety for their guests. If some of the guests feel like the safety procedure in regards to covid 19 is not being followed at any venue they can reach out to health authorities and complain about the same.

Wen states that people should take all their illnesses during this time seriously as minor symptoms could change into something life-threatening. It is always advisable to get it checked by a doctor or a health care professional. 

US government stated that they will be setting up more vaccination tents in the coming weeks so that the booster shots can be made available in remote areas as well. Pharmacies have stated that they are seeing a huge demand for home-based covid test kits since the government announced that they will be reimbursing the amount for test kits purchased if the people have valid health insurance.

Many of the companies across the US are now thinking of pushing their return to office date a bit further so that their employees can be safe until further notice from the government. CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has asked people to keep their masks on even if they are fully vaccinated.

Pfizer has submitted a copy of data asking the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for the usage of booster shots to kids of age 16 and 17. Omicron doesn’t seem to create any major symptoms and having a booster shot puts the immunity of a person 25 times stronger which is the need of the hour. No timeline has been stated about the decision for booster shots for the older teens as of now.

Researchers are now working through the clinical trial data and lab data to see the long-term effects of this rare variant. 

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