“There Is No Place To Put These Bodies,” Said Alabama Health Officials As The Covid Death Toll Increases.

The mortality rate from Covid increased in the United States last week, as per new data. That is because the outburst of more virulent variants of the delta coronavirus has ended the resumption of spring, leading to increased interest in autumn. According to reports from Johns Hopkins University on Friday, 14 states saw Covid-19 deaths increase by more than 50% in the past week, and another 28 states increased by at least 10%.

“There Is No Place To Put These Bodies,” The Covid Death Toll Increases. 

State health official Dr. Scott Harris stated on Friday that hospitalizations in Alabama, one of the states hardest hit by the recent wave, continue to rise and the number of deaths from Covid-19 is on the rise. The utilization of mobile trailers to house the bodies might be helpful given the circumstances. Harris said Alabama used two of its mobile trailers for the first time during the pandemic. 

“They’re usually kept aside for emergency situations. When there’s a mass number of casualties, and there is a need for a place for housing a large number of corpses at once, which is the current situation at hospitals in Alabama,” Harris said. “We have so many dead bodies around in the hospital … there is absolutely no place to keep these bodies,” he added. “We are in a tough crisis … we cannot predict how long we will be able to do it.” 

"There Is No Place To Put These Bodies," The Covid Death Toll Increases. 

Harris said Alabama recorded 50 Covid-related deaths on Thursday, recording “double-digit deaths” over the past few weeks. Harris said Friday that at least 5,571 children in Alabama tested positive for Corona last week, and authorities said they do not know where the kids got infected with the virus. According to Harris, the state’s Covid positive rate is currently 23%, the highest in the country. 

Harris explained that Alabama is seeing an increase in pediatric cases compared to last year. Of 2879 hospitalizations of Corona and many of them were kids, at least 5 were on respiratory help, Harris said. Alabama has not yet broken the Corona admission record set in January when 3,087 inpatients were medicated simultaneously. 

The current wave situation is especially for those admitted to the intensive care unit. It’s getting more miserable. Patients in need of critical care levels continue to exceed the state’s ability to provide designated intensive care beds, which was not a problem before the current increase. 

According to the Hospital Association, there were 1,562 intensive care units on Thursday, but 1,602 intensive care patients. That means that about 40 patients are still without a bed. The peak of hospitalizations in January also occurred before the vaccine. 

The current increase is between the three vaccines available to people over 12 years of age. Yet despite widespread outreach, state health officials still call the latest wave unvaccinated. Alabama has one of the highest testing rates in the country at 23%, with over 21,000 people testing positive in a week. About 94% of deaths since April 1 have also been associated with unvaccinated people.

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