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No Time To Meet Fauci As Said By Trump

According to the recently published audio of an interview with journalist Bob Woodward, President Donald Trump said he had “not much time” to visit Dr. Anthony Fauci after the US-based coronavirus disease pandemic. Really was he so busy, or was he just not serious about the virus at all? Trump might have thought it to be a normal flu, but now the same flu is giving him a hard time.

Everyone knows that Trump has never been serious about the virus, and he has always tried to rub off things when it comes to the same. He never wore masks and also took everything lightly. This was why, despite having the best healthcare services in the world, America is the worst-hit nation.

No Time To Meet Fauci As Said By Trump

Fauci, the well-known virologist, had declared in March itself that this would be a war, and it is not going to be easy. The pandemic spread like fire, and the world came on its knees. It was never easy with so many things happening around, but Trump had no issues and concerns.

In the interview on March 19, Trump praised Fauci as a “sharp guy” whom “has done it before,” but when he pressed if he’d seen the nation’s leading one-on-one infectious disease specialist, he offered: “Yes I think it doesn’t last long, Bob.”

Trump also explained, “This is a busy White House. “We had a lot of stuff going on. Then it came up later.”

Trump said that he did not have time to meet Fauci. Why? Was he so busy? Or he considered the citizens of the nation as granted?

The President’s concession to having a short amount of time in Fauci’s treatment of the epidemic that impacted over 7.3 million people in the U.S., including Trump himself, is likely to fuel a fresh investigation by the Chief of the National Center of Allergy and Infection and a member of the Whites House Task Force for Coronaviruses in the earlier weeks of the pandemic.

The President added that being cared for Covid-19 is “the real school” and has “learning a lot” about the virus over six months after the pandemic in a video update to Twitter from a suite at Walter Reed national medical center – where Trump has been in the White House since Friday.

This is not the ‘Let’s read the script’ grade, I get it, and it’s a fascinating thing, “said Trump in Sunday’s footage.” And I’ll let you know.

The Trump concession of March to give Fauci no priority underlines the stress that has formed the pandemic’s relationship.

Widely viewed by the White House as a unique example of integrity, Fauci has been regularly reprimanded in conservation media by the President and his supporters to address their more positive outlook.

Fauci said to CNN in July, “I guess I’m more rational than an alarmist.

Trump revealed that he learned in previous interview tapes that the U.S. coronavirus was a lethal, aerial, highly infectious, and “more deadly than your extreme cases of flu” weeks before his first reported death.

On February 7, Trump said to Woodward; This is serious stuff.

And on March 19, the same day, Trump told Woodward he “wanted to play it down often,” as he had not had a lot of time to speak with Fauci.

“I love to play it, and I don’t want to hesitate.”

With all the silly comments, the big mouth President is still not taking things seriously even after being contracted by the flu. There have been speculations, and the people of the U.S. are in a rage. Trump could have had a word with Fauci, and things would have been different. It might be the case that the vaccine was there by this time. It will be a year since COVID19 hit the world, and despite having the best doctors and latest advancements, there is no vaccine. Instead, people are dying and getting contracted with the virus every day. Countries are getting record-breaking cases, and there is no end to it.

We will enter the year 2021, and what is going to happen, only God knows. With all eyes stuck on the elections, the United States citizens want their President to do something for them. The people are jobless, and the economy is drowning, and this is the worst phase that the U.S. is witnessing right now. All the officials know and are aware of the facts, but they cannot reveal the same. This would create a panic.

When on the one hand, Trump said that he is enjoying and learning things in the Walter, Biden, on the other hand, is taking things seriously. He has set up the plan of action once he gets to become the President. With healthcare his priority, he is also looking for ways to stabilize the economy. Strict actions are being taken, and it is not going to be an easy thing.

In every debate, Biden has said that he will work out to better the people that Trump simply ignored, and the citizens are taking his words seriously. We hope that Joe does what he has promised and does not turn out to be a careless and crazy big mouth president.

The election is coming near, and everyone has their eyes set on the results. Though they will be out next year, the people have made up their minds and are looking forward to seeing Biden as their new President. His personality and the positive approach towards things are being loved by the people also. One of Biden’s best traits is that he listens, analyses, and then works, keeping what is good for the nation and not what is good for him and his position. He understands and values the votes that will make him the leader and leave no stone unturned to make his people happy again.

Once the biggest superpower is not going through the worse and has proved to be the worst-hit nation, with more than 1000 deaths, everyday U.S. needs prayers and a vaccine that can prove to be the shield against these numbers and the life can return to normal.

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