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In the latest announcement by the CDC, it stated that the Delta variant of the covid virus has made its way to the US and is affecting people of all ages including children`s as well. With the Delta variant, people who are unvaccinated are more prone to get infected at 11 times more likely to face death due to the same.


Dr. Rochelle Walensky the CDC director informed the White House that the vaccination works and people who are vaccinated are not getting life-threatening symptoms from the latest Delta variant of the virus. Although it has been found that the fully vaccinated people accounted for 14% of all the hospitalizations cases and around 16% of the deaths in the months of June and July which is double the amount than last year. However, CDC informed that the increase in percentages is not surprising as the vaccines were not perfect and the health experts had warned the people as more people can be vaccinated more cases would come as many people have started their jobs and schools have been re-opened.


Dr. Walensky continued that it has been observed more than 90% of the people who are currently hospitalized are not vaccinated and haven’t even taken the first dose of the vaccine which is a grave concern. In another study conducted by the CDC stated that hospitalizations in nine states found that people over 75 and older are being subjected to this variant much easier as compared to other adults.

CDC is still not sure that if the immunity given by the vaccines is winning off as the older people were first given the vaccine as compared to other adults or is it because most of the people have abandoned using the masks and maintaining social distancing. CDC stated that the vaccine is effective against the Delta variant as the people who are vaccinated have better chances against the new strain as compared to the non-vaccinated people.

The US health care authorities are still analyzing the real-world data and will give out a statement soon that if the Americans need a booster or a third dose. It has been stated that the FDA will publicly decide over Pfizer`s application as they have informed that people need to take a booster shot or a third vaccine as with time the effect wears off from a person which is causing even the vaccinated people to get hospitalized.

Also, with schools re-opened the US is seeing many more cases with children who account for 24% of the total hospitalized cases. Currently, children are not eligible for the vaccination drive and have to maintain social distancing and all the necessary precautions. CDC has said that the school authorities should help the children understand the use of sanitizers and why they should use mask all the time.

The US health care authorities have urged the schools to sanitize the school area once the day is completed so that when students come over the next day they are in an infection-free zone. Schools are training their teachers and the administrators on various protocols that need to be followed during the course of the pandemic and inform the local authorities if they see any positive cases among the kids or from any of the school authorities.

Wearing a mask should be compulsory once you step out of the house says CDC in a new statement released as this is the only way we can contain the new strain from spreading from person to person and keep ourselves safe.

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