Not Need A Booster Shot If You Are Already Vaccinated

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 8, 2021

Getting vaccinated is going to turn around the situation. This is the fact; however, Covid-19 has evolved into variants and the future remains uncertain. The White House is preparing to take the third dose, also known as the booster shot, on the floor as early as possible. The question that is being discussed is if the booster is really necessary.

The intake of both the shots has made people immune to getting seriously ill or getting hospitalized due to Covid-19. The authorization of the booster shot is therefore under question.

Not Need A Booster Shot If You Are Already Vaccinated

Dr. Paul Offit, the Advisor to the Food & Drug Administration, has raised similar concerns. He asked if the booster shot was the need of the hour. He supported his statement by saying that no virus can be eroded completely. The emphasis on getting the majority of the population must be the topmost priority. The booster shot may then be considered.

Not Need A Booster Shot If You Are Already Vaccinated

A statement on the same line was echoed by Dr. Megan Ranney, a Professor at Brown University. She too said that being fully vaccinated was enough to save people from getting hospitalized and dying due to Covid-19.

Both the professionals seem to be correct. Their statements are not just theoretical but also practically supported by the data. CNN analyzed the available data and concluded that 99.99% of the vaccinated population was completely safe. The breakthrough of no hospitalization has been observed among them.

The emphasis was laid again by Dr. Paul Offit. He highlighted that getting both doses was enough to protect oneself from getting seriously ill and hospitalized.

Every statement and every decision is crucial at this moment. The United States of America has accomplished the task of vaccinating 62.2% of its population with a single dose. Both the shots have been given to nearly 52.9% of the population of the country.

Ground Reality

A meet has already been scheduled between the Food & Drug Administration and the White House. They are expected to meet on September 17, 2021. The agenda has been set to launching the booster shot on September 20, 2021. This is where things are taking a turn for worse.

If both the shots are enough, then is a booster shot required?

We are not the ones to ask this question, citizens are. Experts have been receiving such questions as citizens now think that they are still not protected against Covid-19. The statements are either being presented wrongly, or they are being misread by the people.

The concern currently relates to whether the booster shot should be recommended to everyone. A plan is being laid out that people who are vaccinated with Pfizer or BioNTech would only be eligible to receive the booster shot. The launch was earlier subjected to the approval from Food & Drug Administration and the Centers for Diseases Control & Prevention. This step might be skipped.

However, Dr. Janet Woodcock, the Acting Commissioner of Food & Drug Administration, thinks that it may be unsafe. The data received from the clinical trial is still not enough and a proper plan is needed to proceed, she said.

The Silver Lining

Amid all the confusion and negative news, something positive lies for all of us in Florida. The state has started to witness a declining trend in the Covid-19 cases.

The recent data available for August 27, 2021, and September 02, 2021, says that the daily average was 18,463. The data is impressive as compared to the previous data of 21,678 as a daily average.

The data mentioned above was officially quoted by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevent. The department also said that slightly more than 50% of citizens of Florida were done with both doses.

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