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Novavax Coronavirus Vaccine Enters Phase 3 Clinical Trials In US

Novavax announced on Monday that it’s the covid-19 vaccine is entering into the phase 3 clinical trials in the United States and Mexico. The company is the fifth in the US to get into the third stage of clinical trials. The vaccine candidate, NVX-CoV2373 has been tested on nearly 30,000 people above the age of 18 in the first two phases of clinical studies.

Novavax Coronavirus Vaccine Enters Phase 3 Clinical Trials In US

The vaccine is aimed to prevent covid-19 and reduce the severe symptoms in already affected people. The participants of the clinical trials will be monitored for nearly two years after they receive the vaccine. The vaccines need to be taken into doses that are given 21 days apart.

Novavax Coronavirus Vaccine Enters Phase 3 Clinical Trials In US

According to the officials of the company, the clinical trials are done on nearly 30,000 participants. During the clinical trials, about two-thirds of participants will receive the actual vaccine, and the remaining participants will receive a placebo. As of now, the clinical trials are running in locations that are having high transmission rates.

The company also plans to study the efficiency of the vaccine in a diverse population. The company said that about 25% of the participants are aged above 65, and about 15% of the participants are from the black community. Apart from that, the company aims to have about 20% of participants from the Latino community and about 2% from the American Indian community.

In this manner, the vaccine can be tested among diverse communities, and any variation in results will help the vaccine manufacturers to make suitable changes to the composition in the long run.

The clinical trials are funded by Operation Warp Speed, and the company has received about $1.6 billion from the Federal government. The company is also conducting its third phase of clinical studies in the United Kingdom. The clinical trials are in the second stage in South Africa and Australia. The company expects to release the data from the clinical trials in the next few months.

Apart from this company, AstraZeneca and Johnson& Johnson have also entered the third phase of clinical trials in recent weeks. Health experts are of the opinion that more than a few vaccines would be available for the Federal government in the next few months. In this way, immunizations can be done quickly, and a majority of Americans will be able to get covid-19 vaccines by the end of 2021.

The CDC has recently said that close to 85% of the population needs to be vaccinated in order to attain herd immunity for coronavirus. The agency had earlier indicated that vaccinating 70% of the population is enough to reach the stage of herd immunity. However, as the number of cases is increasing at a rapid pace across the country, the agency has now revised the figures so that the pandemic can be safely brought under control in the future.

The Federal government provided a lot of funding for vaccine manufacturers in the early stages of the pandemic. This has given good results so far as vaccine manufacturers have come out with a ready-to-use vaccine that is approved by the FDA. In the last few weeks, covid-19 vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna have got emergency use authorization by the FDA. These two vaccines are now being given to Frontline health workers across the US as part of the first phase of the mass vaccination program.

The Federal government has already procured millions of doses of these covid-19 vaccines and sent them to several hospitals and nursing homes across the country. The immunization program is running at a good pace, and close to two million Americans have already received the vaccine in the last two weeks. The mass vaccination program is likely to get a good boost in the near future with the availability of more doses from the vaccine manufacturers.

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