Novawave Antenna Reviews – Can This Give You High-Quality Videos Without Interference?

John Furrier | Last Updated : December 3, 2021

This article is all about the Novawave Antenna reviews. The device is a modern piece for broadcasting your favorite movies and shows without cable and messy wires.

As well as Novawave Antenna will make you free from purchasing subscriptions, paying bills for cable TV, etc. You can watch your favorite channels for free as many channels in the USA are broadcast for free.

Novawave Antenna Reviews – Is It Economical To Buy This Antenna?

Isn’t it intriguing if it says you will be getting access to 90 TV channels for free, without a monthly subscription? And also getting your favorite movies and shows in full HD quality of 1080 pixels?

Who doesn’t want to have such a device which will make them free from periodic payments? Novawave Antenna makes it possible just one way away.

I will be discussing with you all the features, working, available channels, and the device’s pros and cons in this Novawave Antenna review.

Novawave Antenna Reviews
Product NameNovawave Antenna
Made inUSA
Antenna forTV
BenefitsHigh quality, portable antenna for TV
Money-back guarantee30 Days
Available atOfficial Website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Novawave Antenna?

Novawave Antenna is a device that facilitates you with plenty of free broadcast channels without paying for satellites, cables, and subscriptions monthly. The device provides you with all the types of channels you look for from sports to news.

Also, Novawave doesn’t require any kind of specialized TV set to work well. It’s a portable device and can be put at any place according to your convenience.

The good thing about the Novawave TV Antenna is it offers you a full HD view, which is the most demandable feature of any device nowadays.

Here, you will be getting good-quality videos and audio. Therefore, the Novawave will also save you money, and you can spend it on something else.

Novawave Antenna Customer Reviews

Novawave Antenna Features

  • HD – Quality: Novawave Antenna allows your all favorite shows and movies in high-definition view. Because it broadcast the channels in their exact resolution quality.
  • It offers you quality from 720p to 1080p. And the signal reaches up to thirty miles away. So, you can enjoy your favorite things in the same quality as before.
  • Extremely portable: This is the most advantageous feature of Novawave TV Antenna. There is no complicated setup to install it. You just need to plug it with your TV’s coaxial cable. So, the place doesn’t matter. You can take it while going outside.
  • Easy to use: Its setup isn’t tough. You just need one connection to scan all your favorite channels. So, the access is instant.
  • Appearance: It will not ruin the look of your house it your put in. Novawave Antenna is made from durable materials and designed with simplicity. It will suit any place you hang it or install it.
Novawave Antenna Features

How does Novawave Antenna work?

The set-up of the Novawave Antenna is quite simple and anyone can install it. So, here I share with you its set-up process step-by-step:

  • Attach: firstly, you need to attach your Novawave to a window or wall.
  • Connect: once you are done attaching it, connect the Novawave to your TV’s coaxial cable.
  • Scan: Finally, you can scan all your favorite channels here.
Novawave Antenna working

Benefits of Novawave TV Antenna

This Novawave Antenna review will mainly focus on all the genuine things about the device.

There are many benefits, but let’s talk about the main ones:-

  • Easy to operate:- Novawave Antenna’s installation and access are easy and no technical person is needed for doing so.
  • Indoor device:- you can hang it inside your home. There will be no interruption in receiving signals.
  • Receive large range:- Novawave TV Antenna can receive signals from 30 miles away.
  • Lightweight & portable:- anyone can carry it anywhere. The device has been manufactured with durable materials.
  • Saves energy:- Novawave is not a high energy consumable device. Hence, you need to just simply plug it with your TV’s cable.
  • Provides multiple signals:- Novawave Antenna provides you FM, VHF, and UHF digital signals. All of them are in full HD quality upto 1080p.
  • Hangable on windows:- you can simply put it next to your window to receive the signals. Or you can also experiment with other windows or places in your house.
  • Can stream all your favorite shows:-  you will get all types of channels streaming such as news, drama, music, sports, and cartoons for free.
  • Good looks:- the device is designed well, so it can look good in your home.
  • Cut off monthly bills:- once you installed Novawave TV Antenna in your house, you don’t need to pay monthly bills for cables.
Novawave Antenna Benefits

Novawave Antenna Pros and cons


  • The Novawave Antenna goes well with all TV sets.
  • It facilitates the users a full HD display
  • It’s affordable
  • Brings no compromise with the quality
  • Free the users from paying monthly bills.
  • Easy access


  • The device is not water-resistant, so users have to be careful while accessing it.
  • The Novawave TV Antenna is only available on the official website. Hence, the users are left with no other options to buy it.
  • Users having poor internet or no internet connections might feel difficulty in purchasing the device.

Is Novawave legit or not?

The Novawave TV Antenna is an indoor device that provides a quality view of videos and audio. It serves a good range. The device has been sold exclusively on the official website to maintain its authenticity and quality.

Also, the makers are offering it at quite affordable prices so nobody will be left out with taking its advantages.

Hence, by keeping the view of all its benefits, main features, set-up process, and prices, we can say Novawave TV Antenna is a legit device.

Novawave Antenna Customer reviews and complaints

The Novawave Antenna reviews are mostly positive and many users are enjoying its benefits in their homes. All the happy users are recommending this device to their friends and neighbors.

And people are mostly happy with the Novawave Antenna results because their worry of monthly bills of cables, subscription, and all has been resolved. And getting free channels with good quality as well.

So, gathering all the customer experience and reviews of Novawave Antenna it’s been proved that it’s a purchasable device.

Novawave Antenna Customer Reviews

Novawave Antenna Price and Availability

If you are impressed by all the information mentioned above, you made your mind to purchase it. You can purchase it through its official website of Novawave Antenna.

Novawave TV Antenna is available only on its official website. It’s not available in retail stores, e-commerce stores. As there might be fake devices selling under the same name due to high market demand.

Hence, selling it only through the official website will maintain Novawave Antenna’s authenticity as well as the customer will be getting the genuine device.

So, let’s move to its price, the makers are offering it as:

  • 1 Novawave Antenna for $49.99
  • 2 Novawave Antenna for $99.99
  • 3 Novawave Antenna for $111.99
  • 4 Novawave Antenna for $136.99

Final Verdict on Novawave Antenna Reviews!

Concluding about Novawave Antenna reviews, we can consider it a worthwhile device you have ever received. It comes with easy access and a setup procedure. Offer you high-definition streaming of all your watchable shows and events.

The biggest part is, Novawave Antenna has cut off the drawbacks of cable and monthly subscription issues. You have a wide range of channels with high-quality audio and videos, so you can binge on your shows as long as you want. Furthermore, it’s available on its official website at an affordable price. Unfortunately, it’s not available in offline stores. But, nowadays most people are able to buy things online.


Is Novawave suitable for outdoors?

Unfortunately, it’s not suitable for outdoors, because it’s not weatherproof.  It’s specially designed to be installed indoors. So, it will be more convenient for its users to hang it anywhere in their home they want.

Where is the best place to put your Novawave?

However, it can be installed anywhere, such as living area, bedroom. But the best place will be next to the window for the good intensity of signals. You can choose a suitable place after experimenting with a different place in your home. Moreover, the Novawave is extremely portable. So you will not find any difficulty in placing it.

Do I need a professional to help me mount the Novawave?

No, you don’t need a professional to help in the setup of Novawave. The device is designed to make it convenient for everyone to use. You just need to plug it with your TV.

So, there is no requirement for third-party assistance with the installation. You can easily set up it.

How many channels will I get with this device?

Although, Novawave Antenna can provide you with 90 TV channels with high-quality views. Still, it depends on your location and weather condition, that how many channels it will be broadcasting.

As the changes in weather and distance from the broadcasting tower can impact the number of channels you will be getting.

Can I get the Novawave from my local store?

No, the Novawave Antenna is not available at any local stores. It is only available on its official website. You won’t get it in any retail stores or e-commerce stores.

The makers have made it available only on the official website to protect it from the fake selling of the device due to high demand.


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