Novum Drone Reviews – Can This Ultraportable Drone Record HD Videos?

John Furrier | Last Updated : December 16, 2021

Novum Drone Reviews (Updated) – Hello folks, in this Novum Drone review, I’ll be examining this recently released hi-tech drone that’s been creating quite the buzz among drone enthusiasts.

Right off the bat let me tell you, this drone does seem to be high-end despite its affordable price. I don’t think I’ve come across a budget drone that holds so much potential since the time I began reviewing tech gadgets for The Powdersville post. 

However, it would be unprofessional on my part to give you my opinions without explaining why. That’s why I’ll be giving you my take on each and every aspect of this best drone camera including its features, specifications, benefits, price, and much more, before coming to my final verdict.

So keep reading this Novum Drone review to learn everything you need to know about this innovative drone.

Novum Drone ReviewsQuick Overview

The Novum Drone currently holds the distinction of being one of the highest customer-rated budget drones available in the market, that too just a few weeks after its release. So I don’t find it surprising that the internet is already filled with hundreds of Novum Drone reviews. 

But as is with any tech gadget, you cannot expect all the Novum Drone reviews on the internet to give you insightful opinions, since most of them are not written based on any real research.

However, as my regular readers will be aware, all my reviews are based on data collected from hours of research and testing. Besides, I don’t hold back on my opinions when reviewing tech gadgets. That’s why I can assure you that you’ll only find the honest truth here.

So without wasting any more time, let’s get straight to it.

Novum Drone Reviews
Program NameNovum Drone
Main BenefitsHelps to capture HD images and videos
FeaturesFoldable, Lightweight, Slow-Motion Video Mode, Gravity Sensor
Speed30 miles per hour
Money-back guarantee30 days
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is Novum Drone?

Novum Drone is a portable precision-engineered drone suitable for both professional and personal use. The drone comes with an inbuilt HD camera with pre-programmed video recording modes such as the asteroid and the boomerang, that allows even beginners to get professional-quality footage at the click of a button. 

The Novum Drone is both lightweight and durable and can record high-definition videos and photos. It is specifically designed for easy flying and can be used for recording both indoors and outdoors. It is one of the fastest drones in its size and can fly at a top speed of 30 miles per hour.

The drone is also foldable, making it easy to carry along no matter where you go. In addition, the Novum Drone also comes with many other innovations such as a gravity sensor and a slo-mo mode, more of which I’ll detail in the next section.

Novum Drone Features

🔅 HD Videos & Photos

The Novum Drone with an in-built high-definition camera that can record 1080p HD footage at 60 Frames Per Second, and click high-resolution photos. The camera is also pre-programmed with recording modes such as the asteroid, the boomerang, and slo-mo.

🔅 Foldable & Portable

The Novum Drone is also ultraportable and can be carried anywhere as it can be folded easily and packed in a bag. The propellers of the drone are designed to fold inwards which makes it easier to carry and better protected during transit.

🔅 Lightweight & Durable

The Novum Drone is lightweight but it also seems extremely durable. The on-hand quality is good and it looks to me that the drone is made from high-quality material. 

🔅 Gravity Sensor

The drone is equipped with gravity sensors that can detect the ground and other obstacles & change the flight path automatically to avoid a collision.

Novum Drone Features

How Does Novum Drone Work?

The Novum Drone is a high-end drone that works on quadcopter technology. The drone has four propellors and a gravity sensor and is controlled with a remote control joystick. It is also Wi-Fi enabled and features a one-key return.

The drone is packaged with the propellors folded. Once the package is opened, follow the instructions in the manual to unfold the propellors and attach the parts into a single unit. The next step is to charge the battery and once this is done, the drone is good to go.

The drone comes with pre-programmed flying modes, so all you have to do is click a button to get it off the ground.

The gravity sensor makes sure that the drone doesn’t collide with other objects during its flight. Once the drone camera is turned on, it begins to record HD videos at 60 frames per second and high-resolution photographs as per your input. You can further modify the recording styles by choosing one of the pre-programmed video capture modes such as slo-mo, boomerang, and asteroid.

Novum Drone Customer Images

Novum Drone Benefits

The best way to judge how much value any gadget holds is to look at the benefits it can offer. You can then compare it with similar products in the market to estimate the value for money. Here are, in my opinion, some of the benefits of the Novum Drone:

Flies Faster Than The Competition

One of the biggest drawbacks of many drones in the market today is slow flight speed, either resulting from a chunky build or poor engineering. On the other hand, the Novum Drone flies much faster than its competition, with a top speed of 30 miles per hour. I don’t think you’ll find another drone that flies so fast at this budget.

Easy To Control

Despite being a professional-grade drone, I found the Novum Drone quite easy to control. The interface is user-friendly and the navigation buttons respond quite well. Even if you haven’t used a drone before, I feel you be comfortable maneuvering the drone within a few tries.

Shoot Videos Like A Pro

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the Novum Drone is that it allows even noobs to shoot videos like a pro. The high-quality camera and the pre-programmed recording modes make sure that you get professional quality output every single time. Of course, those with professional experience will be able to do even better with the drone, but the point is that it allows anyone to shoot high-quality photos and videos like a pro.

Novum Drone Benefits

Click Here To Order Novum Drone From The Official Website

Pros and Cons


  • It Delivers Professional-Quality Output
  • It Comes With Pre-Programmed Recording Modes
  • It Is Wi-Fi Enabled
  • It Has A 3d-Flip Function
  • It Is Equipped With A Gravity Sensor To Avoid Collision
  • It Is Easy To Control And Use
  • Durable And Portable
  • It Is Affordable
  • Value For Money


  • It Cannot Provide A Live Feed
  • It Does Not Offer Gesture Control

Is Novum Drone Legit & Dependable?

The Novum Drone is legit and dependable, in the words of the biggest drone enthusiasts out there. Paul Archer, founder of Drones Gator finds it to be one of the best in the market. He goes on to suggest that no other drones compare when it comes to value for money.

It has also been featured on Innovation & Tech and Skytango and recommended by popular drone publications such as Drone Training Pros, Drone Pilot, and Ace Hi.

Besides, the Novum Drone comes with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. So, in case you have doubts regarding legitimacy after the purchase, you can easily return the drone and get your money back.

Novum Drone Customers Reviews And Complaints

As I’ve mentioned, the Novum Drone has been received rave customer reviews since its release. I hardly found any complaints about the drone either on the internet or off. In fact, if my estimates are correct, 9 out of 10 customers are satisfied with the drone.

But as is with any gadget, you cannot expect everyone to be satisfied, and sure enough, there are a few who are not too into the Novum Drone and prefer alternatives. Most of these seem to be professionals though, who prefer their drones completely manual and are averse to the idea of pre-programmed video recording modes. So if you are a hardcore professional, then obviously this drone is not for you.

Novum Drone Expert Reviews

Novum Drone Pricing And Availability

The highlight of the Novum Drone is its low price, and the value for money it offers. Compared to other drones with the same specifications, the Novum Drone is much more affordable. But what’s more surprising is that currently, it is available at even lower prices as part of a limited-period festive offer. You can apparently save up to 60% if you purchase the drones in bulk packages.

Here is an overview of the Novum Drone price details:

⭐️Beginner pack: Buy 1 novum drone at $99 + Shipping & Handling Charges

⭐️Aviator pack: Buy 3 novum drones at $197 ($66 each) + Free Shipping

⭐️Pro Pilot Pack: Buy 5 novum drones at $297 ($59 each) + Free Shipping

The last time I checked, the Novum Drone is only available for purchase via its official website. It is not available in retail or in any other e-commerce stores. So if you do find the Novum Drone on sale on platforms such as eBay and Amazon, you can be sure these are second-hand or refurbished products. And since duplicates of tech gadgets are easily manufactured, I would recommend that you don’t buy Novum Drone from any other website or social media store.

In case you are planning to buy Novum Drone, you can use the links to the official website I’ve shared with this review just to be safe.

Final Verdict On Novum Drone Reviews

If you are looking for a high-performance drone at an affordable price, then Novum Drone might just be what you are looking for. It is quite rare that high-end quality meets affordability. For what it is worth, the Novum Drone does offer good value for your money as it can give you professional-quality HD footage at the click of a button. 

The thousands of customers who have purchased the drone, both professionals and amateurs, also attest that it is a legit drone with much potential. And as you have seen in my detailed Novum Drone review, the drone comes with many innovative features such as the asteroid, the boomerang, and slo-mo recording modes and gravity sensors to automatically avoid a collision.

Besides, the drone is currently available at up to 60% discounted rates. You can also choose to purchase an Extended Protection Replacement Plan that will guarantee your drone is replaced at no extra charge If you break or lose it anytime within 365 days of purchase. Taking all this into consideration, it seems that the Novum Drone is worthy of a purchase.

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