Nurses Faced Unemployment In Large Number Due To COVID-19

Special Correspondent | Last Updated : January 7, 2022

The world faced many economic impacts due to the sudden pandemic of COVID-19; many lives were changed during the pandemic, especially the employment of nurses. During peak COVID times, the health sector has dropped revenues. During the spring start of 2020 sudden downfall of employment has begun.

Nurses Faced Unemployment In Large Number Due To COVID-19

According to the report given by CDC in the United States, economic impacts are shown on the health sector from the early pandemic period, which has recalibrated the revenue drop.

Faced Unemployment In Large Number Due To COVID-19

Most of the health services have utilized these scenarios because, during these times, most of the patients started practicing social distance maintenance which is the only way to bring back the dropped revenue of health sectors.

Researchers say that the pre-pandemic levels of health services remained, which impacted the nurses’ employment. Community care facilities and nursing homes showed a drastic decrease in employment. As the world knows, nurses play a crucial role in providing care in the health care sectors across the globe. But the value of nurses has been showcased with relevant conditions during the COVID pandemic.

Based on the working conditions of nurse employment, nurses worldwide are very precautious about their health. This COVID pandemic showed the prompt cases for more vulnerability and visibility conditions to health-damaging factors globally of nurse employment. 

Authors of this study say that protecting our nurses is the primary rule in the health sector which needs enforceable standards alongside health policies and economic benefits that might improve the working conditions and substantially improve conditions of employment in a nurse working life. 

According to the study, researchers say that people worldwide should understand the mechanisms and pathways chosen by the nurses because their life is under a condition that doesn’t guarantee health equity. 

According to the survey conducted among the citizens of the United States, during the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the healthcare workers and nurses worked for many long hours irrespective of the shift patterns. Nurse employment has been affected by these working conditions, which has led to the association of poor mental and physical health in terms of pandemic context.

Based on the previous studies, many US health care sectors are desperate for the shortage of nurses only because of working conditions. For this, American healthcare companies started to look out for the nurses by cutting down the struggling costs during the working hours by generating revenue, especially during this viral season. 

A lead author of this study says that nurses must be recognized as real heroes in these tough times of pandemic because many nurses are losing their income just because of taking care of patients in the hospitals. 

Researchers say that many surveys are conducted to understand the problems faced by nurses during these pandemic periods to raise the impact on earnings and employment irrespective of the categories to increase the nurse workforce among the health care sectors. 

When researchers started finding the data on an instant decrease of health care employment and declines of jobs are reported. These declines are mainly observed among hospitals, nursing homes, and large health care sectors. 

Higher authorities of the United States had decided to change the pandemic fear level by eliminating the decline and workforce of nurses by increasing the revenue and employment of the nurses only during the pandemic period. 

A researcher explained that if we eliminate the thoughts that employment of nurses decreased during the early pandemic only due to the lack of demand for reduced healthcare, health care sectors might observe the increased employment level of nurses.

On a concluding note, pre-pandemic circumstances cannot be changed, so authors say that health care sectors and their services should be resumed to increase employment by increasing the wages of working nurses.

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