Nutonen Reviews – Can This Promise You 100% Blood Sugar Control?

Dr. Ricardo Alvarez | Last Updated : December 3, 2021

Hey people, I’m a health expert and this is my Nutonen review. It is a new supplement that’s been getting quite the buzz lately, ever since it was released not too long ago. People are saying it can help regulate blood sugar levels and has even helped them lose weight. That sounds like something you should know about, right? Let’s dive into Nutonen reviews and see if this stuff does work as advertised.

Nutonen Reviews – Is It A Natural Formula To Cure Diabetes?

I’ve been looking into supplements for a while now so I have some experience to draw from here when analyzing Nutonen. So go through this Nutonen review to get clarity about the supplement.

Nutonen Reviews
Product NameNutonen
Made inUSA
BrandSimple promise
CategoryBlood sugar
Item formSoft Gel
Administration routeOral
Main ingredientBanaba
BenefitsControls blood sugar level
Diet TypeGluten-free
Dosage1 soft gel per day
Result2-3 Months
Price$39 per bottle
Money-back guarantee365 Days
Available atOfficial Website
Official WebsiteClick Here

Nutonen Overview

After being approached by one of my patients seeking advice on whether or not to use the Nutonen blood sugar formula, I set out to investigate this supplement myself. For that purpose, having spoken with other professionals and obtained data from reliable sources as well as talking with actual customers about their experience using the Nutonen supplement, I have written this review.

I will now give facts gleaned after speaking directly to people who have used the Nutonen supplement themselves: what the supplement does, how long it took before seeing results etc. So without further ado let me get started.

What is Nutonen?

Nutonen is a 100% natural supplement that contains banaba leaf extract which balances the blood sugar level in your body. Nutonen comes in gel form which you can take daily preferably with meals. Nutonen is great for people who are on diet and also for diabetes patients. It can decrease your appetite, reduce the need for snacks between meals, lower cholesterol levels and it has an anti-inflammatory effect as well.

Who is the manufacturer of Nutonen?

Nutonen is manufactured by Simple promise. They have been supplying trustworthy health supplements for over a few decades. Nutonen soft gel was made with a vision to tackle diabetes that almost all people suffer from at some point in their lives.

Nutonen Ingredients

The key ingredient in Simple Promise Nutonen is banaba leaf extract. 


Banaba contains corosolic acid that is essential to maintain blood sugar levels. It is a natural blood glucose regulator that helps control diabetes and keeps blood sugar levels in balance. It can help to lower cholesterol levels. In Nutonen supplement, it can boost your immune system by protecting against infections and diseases.

Banaba keeps your stomach healthy with its anti-inflammatory effect, if you ever had stomach problems this plant will protect your stomach from further damages due to inflammation. Back pain relief is another benefit of banaba because it regulates cytokines that support your joints and health like hair and skin quality. This ingredient in Nutonen treats many health problems without causing any side effects.

Nutonen Ingredients

How does Nutonen work?

Simple Promise Nutonen stimulates insulin production in your body to lower blood sugar levels. Nutonen lowers cholesterol and appetite by inhibiting enzymes that break down carbohydrates. The banaba extract in Nutonen contains corosolic acid that balances the blood sugar level by inhibiting its rise.

Nutonen Benefits

It’s not easy to tell which supplement you’re taking is genuine because there are so many out on the market. Testing each one for authenticity would take forever, and with all these benefits claimed by marketing teams, it’s hard enough just trying to figure what they do anyway! As a result, we recommend reading customer reviews or speaking directly with customers who have used them before – this will give us confidence in our purchase decision without having any worries about false advertising. The Nutonen benefits given below are based on research and interaction with actual users.

  • Nutonen can decrease your appetite that makes you eat less which leads to weight loss. 
  • This also helps lower cholesterol levels, this way Nutonen blood sugar formula decreases your risk of heart disease
  • It regulates the glucose level in your body to create a healthy blood sugar level which decreases the bad cholesterol and lowers blood pressure as well.
  • Nutonen has a potent anti-inflammatory effect due to its banaba leaf extract ingredient. 
  • This can decrease hypertension, increase good cholesterol (HDL), and reduce LDL. 
Nutonen Benefits

Nutonen Side effects

Nutonen is a 100% natural supplement that does not harm your health. Also from interaction with customers, it is found to have no side effects.

The Simple Promise Nutonen is manufactured in the U.S.A. It is made in cGMP facilities without any quality compromise.

However, people taking medications, pregnant and lactating women and children below 18 years are advised to consult a health expert before using the Nutonen gel capsule.

Nutonen Dosage and How to use it?

The dosage prescribed by the manufacturer is 1 soft gel daily. You can consume the Nutonen gel at your convenience.

Follow the recommended Nutonen dosage for a period of 2 to 3 months for better results. Do not exceed the prescribed dosage to avoid any possible complications.

Nutonen  supplement facts

Nutonen Results and Longevity

The results will vary with each individual. However, Nutonen results will be visible if the supplement is used consistently. This seems to be true based on real Nutonen reviews. 

It is recommended to use the Nutonen gel capsule for around 2 to 3 months to see positive results. Also, for the results to stay longer, follow a proper lifestyle and exercise.

Nutonen Results

Is Nutonen legit or not?

Nutonen seems to be a legit supplement that helps in maintaining blood glucose levels. It is scientifically backed and the key ingredient, Banaba, is proven to be effective in lowering erratic glucose levels. Nutonen blood sugar gel supports your overall health.

The soft gel is made in a GMP facility. 

Nutonen soft gel also comes with a 365 days money-back guarantee. So, you need not worry about investing in the supplement.

Nutonen Customer Reviews and Complaints

Simple Promise Nutonen seems to be a genuine blood sugar supplement as most of the Nutonen reviews are positive. These customer satisfaction reports were collected from registered authentic healthcare forums, and they show that there is no need for concern with this supplement due in part because it offers natural solutions without any side effects associated with pharmaceuticals or other supplements on market today such as insomnia or hallucinations. 

Nutonen Customer Reviews

However, if you are looking for instant results, the Nutonen supplement is not for you. Natural formula will take time to get effective and once the results show up, there is no turning back. 

Nutonen Customer Reviews and Complaints

Nutonen Pricing and Availability

Before purchasing a health supplement, it is important to check its price and see if it’s reasonable. In the case of Nutonen, the price is cheaper as compared to other supplements in the market. 

  • 1 month supply- $39 per bottle
  • 3 month supply- $33 per bottle
  • 6 month supply- $29 per bottle

Along with these packages, there is a 365-day money-back guarantee. So, you are on the safe side.

Simple Promise Nutonen is at present available only on the official website. So, if you see the supplement on other websites, they are just imitations of the original formula. 

Final Verdict on Nutonen Reviews

Nutonen is a 100% natural supplement that can decrease blood sugar levels as per Nutonen reviews. It comes in gel form and is the main ingredient in banaba leaf extract which contains corosolic acid that balances the glucose level in your body. It’s manufactured by Simple Promise, so you know they have quality ingredients at affordable prices.

Also, Nutonen diabetic control supplement is made under strict GMP criteria. There is also a money-back policy of 365 days. So, you are on the safe side.

If you’re looking to try something new with great results, I recommend giving this one a shot.

Frequently Asked Questions

In what form does the Nutonen supplement come?

Nutonen is a supplement that comes in gel form. One bottle of Nutonen consists of 30 soft gels.

Is Nutonen safe for all?

Yes, Nutone seems to be a safe supplement as it is 100% natural and is made under strict GMP criteria. This ensures its quality.

How long will it take to see the effects?

The results will be visible within the first 2 to 3 months of consistent usage. However, the results will vary with each person based on daily routine, diet, and exercise.

Can Nutonen be taken with other medications?

The banaba leaf extract in Nutonen is a natural, effective, and safe ingredient. However, it is better to consult a physician before using the supplement.

Is it available on other websites?

Nutonen is only available on the official website. You might see imitations of the original supplement on other websites. So, make sure to purchase it from the official online store itself to avoid problems.


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