Nutrafol Reviews – How Long Does It Take To Work?

Dr. Ricardo Alvarez | Last Updated : January 8, 2022

Hey readers, I know you are eagerly looking for Nutrafol reviews to get the exact details of these hair support formulas. If so, you have reached the right page to read it. Maybe you are a new explorer who happened to land on this page. Well, let me explain to you, here you will find expert reviews on supplements that have got fame and popularity among a wide range of people. 

Right now, you are about to read my Nutrafol review which I have written after completing my in-depth research of the Nutrafol hair formulas. But before beginning it, let me ensure you, that here I have also compiled expert advice and research data so that you can see if it is the right solution for you. 

Nutrafol Reviews – Do Dermatologists Recommend Nutrafol Supplement?

As a nutrition specialist, I often have to deal with clients who seek my advice regarding the best way to get rid of hair struggles. Well, it all began when one of my regular clients asked my opinion regarding Nutrafol Men. Even though I was well aware of Nutrafol and the four different hair supplements it provides, I wasn’t well equipped to give my final word. So, I had to research each of these formulas well including the ingredients, manufacturing standards, possible side effects, customer reviews, clinical trials conducted in it, and much more. 

So without wasting any more time, let’s get into the Nutrafol review to see how it can help you relieve your hair struggles. 

Nutrafol Reviews
Product NameNutrafol
  • Nutrafol Women

  • Nutrafol Postpartum

  • Nutrafol Women’s Balance

  • Nutrafol Men
  • Recommended Uses For treating different types of hair falls.
    BenefitsLowers the hair fall and improves hair growth.
    Active Ingredients
  • Marine Collagen
  • Sensoril

  • Ashwagandha

  • Resveratrol

  • DHA Omega-3s

  • Saw Palmetto
  • Dosage FormCapsules
    Age rangeAdults
    FlavorNo artificial flavors added
    Material features
  • Non-GMO

  • 100 % natural

  • Chemicals-free
  • Key highlights
  • Enhances hair health

  • Strengthen hair roots

  • Prevents hair fall

  • Gives better sleep
  • Other perks
  • 30 days money-back policy

  • free doctor consults (for subscribed customers)
  • Manufacturing StandardsFDA-approved GMP-certified facilities
    Recommended usage4 capsules a day with meals
    Side effectsNo side effects reported
    Price $88.00
    Available atOfficial Website
    Official WebsiteClick Here

    What is Nutrafol?

    Nutrafol is a set of four natural formulas or dietary supplements which are prepared to enhance hair health. These formulas are prepared with natural and clinically proven ingredients that can act on hair fall and other hair conditions. Since every hair issue is unique, it is necessary to address it differently. This is why Nutrafol introduces four different formulas, which you can choose according to your particular struggles.

    According to the available data, these four supplements are named Nutrafol Women, Nutrafol Postpartum, Nutrafol Women’s Balance, and Nutrafol Men. As you can see from their names, each of them has a specific purpose. The Nutrafol Women formula is to give more volume and strength to your hair by rebonding hair fall and improving its growth. While specially prepared for women in the postpartum stage, the Nutrafol Postpartum formula can give visible thickness, strength, and less shedding of their hair. It is clearly mentioned in many Nutrafol reviews. Whereas, the Nutrafol Balance can improve hair growth in both pre and post-menopause stages. And finally, the Nutrafol Men formula is particularly prepared for men, which they can use to improve their visibly thicker hair growth and scalp coverage. 

    All these four Nutrafol formulas are manufactured in the USA, in FDA-approved GMP-certified facilities. No matter whichever the supplement, every Nutrafol bottle comes with 120 easy-to-swallow capsules, which are packed for a complete month’s use. These capsules are non-GMO and free of other chemicals and allergens like dairy, shellfish, gluten, etc. 

    Nutrafol capsules

    Ingredients Used in Nutrafol

    As I have mentioned, Nutrafol is included with four different formulas. Each of them contains 7-10 natural ingredients that are known for their properties to support hair health. Here are some of the ingredients used to prepare these supplements. 

    Marine Collagen: collagen is an essential building block that promotes stronger hair. With this, your hair can get enough proteins and amino acids to prince keratin. At the same time, marine collagen can enhance your scalp’s elasticity and moisture. 

    Sensoril Ashwagandha: It is the highest quality available form of Ashwagandha that can contribute to healthy hair by providing enough antioxidant support. Apart from being a great stress reliever, Ashwagandha can promote an optimal balance of your hormones including those which are responsible for healthy hair growth. 

    Resveratrol: it is an important antioxidant that can maintain your scalp health by eliminating oxidative stress. It can improve your hair density and support healthy blood flow in your scalp so that nutrients are well delivered into your hair follicle. 

    DHA Omega-3s: it is a major ingredient included in the Nutrafol Postpartum, as it can combat physical stress. It is a great source of DHA, which is essential to support a woman’s cognition for a stable mood after childbirth. Additionally, it can enhance the human immune system as well. 

    Saw Palmetto: the clinically effective dose of Saw Palmetto in Nutrafol can naturally lower the conversion of testosterone into DHT without causing any side effects. This way it can avoid shrinking of the hair follicles. 

    Nutrafol ingredients

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    The Science Behind the Nutrafol Formula

    Nutrafol provides four different hair formulas from which you can choose yours according to your particular hair struggle. Take a look at how differently these formulas work on the four different hair struggles separately. 

    The Nutrafol Women formula is specially made for women who suffer from poor hair health. It is formulated with medical-grade, natural ingredients that can address the root cause of hair thinning, no matter if it is stress, lifestyle, or lack of nutrition. It is prepared with proven ingredients like Vitamin A, C, and B; biotin; Iodine; hydrolyzed marine collagen, and sensoril. Many Nutrafol Women reviews say the formula can work by balancing your stress hormones, improving your hair density, lowering oxidative stress, providing amino acids, and stimulating keratin production. 

    Nutrafol Women

    Nutrafol Postpartum is a daily hair growth formula, that postpartum women can take to recover from hair loss due to pregnancy. Mainly composed of an array of B vitamins and other potential ingredients like Shatavari, omega-3 fatty acids, and marine collagen, the formula can support all body wellness by vital replenishment. The root causes of hair thinning in this case are physical and emotional stress, hormonal changes, and nutrient depletion. Nutrafol Postpartum formula targets all these areas and can bring the required nourishment to the hair follicles. Besides, Nutrafol Postpartum reviews say it can strengthen the hair strands as well.

    Nutrafol Postpartum

    Nutrafol Women’s Balance is another formula that is meant for women who approach menopause. This formula can also be used by women who currently undergo menopause or those who have passed it. The supplement is formulated with a set of essential nutrients along with ingredients like maca, saw palmetto, Ashwagandha, and curcumin. When women approach menopause, it is quite common to end up with hormonal imbalance, stress, and metabolic issues. Nutrafol Women’s Balance reviews are mostly positive. Altogether, these issues can lead you to lose the volume of your hair. But with the required nutritional support, you can retrieve your hair health. This is exactly what Nutrafol Women’s Balance promises to bring. 

    Nutrafol Women’s Balance

    Nutrafol Men is exclusively composed for men to improve hair thickness and growth. It promises better scalp coverage. The root cause of hair loss in men could be hormonal changes, stress, and lack of nutrition. So, to beat these issues altogether the supplement is formulated with essential nutrients, and clinically proven ingredients like full spectrum palm extract, hyaluronic acid, curcumin, and ashwagandha. Many happy customers have given their positive Nutrafol Men reviews.

    Nutrafol Men

    Does Nutrafol Really Help?

    Each of the Nutrafol hair formulas is promisingly effective to bring results in maintaining hair health and strengthening the hair strands. These supplements from the house of Nutrafol are made with science-backed natural ingredients that can bring significant changes in hair conditions. These ingredients can rectify things in you one by one and address the root causes of hair loss.

    They can nourish your scalp and enable better blood circulation to deliver the essential nutrients into your hair follicles. According to Nutrafol reviews, another way this supplement can help you is to strengthen your hair roots so that you can have stronger hair and less risk of hoar loss. 

    What’s to like and not to like


    • Enhanced hair health 
    • Stronger hair roots
    • Better nourishment to the hair and scalp
    • A smooth and shiny appearance of the hair
    • Prevention of hair fall
    • Improved libido
    • Better sleep 
    • Stress relief
    • Boosted mood and energy
    • Enhanced skin and nail health 
    • Overall younger-looking appearance


    • All Nutrafol supplements are only available on the official website
    • These four hair support formulas are made for unique purposes, so you need to choose them accordingly with respect to your particular issue. 

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    Regarding FDA approval 

    If you are quite skeptical regarding the authenticity of Nutrafol hair supplements, I have to say, all these four different supplements are made in the USA, in USDA inspected FDA registered facilities. Besides, they are prepared under Good Manufacturing Standards and are IFANCA Halal Certified as well. 

    Nutrafol manufacturer also promises that the supplements are third-party tested and verified to be free of heavy metals, chemicals, or pesticides.

    The Placebo Test 

    To determine the effectiveness of the formula, it has undergone several clinical trials, such as a randomized placebo-controlled assessment. To be specific with the test results, separate trials were undergone on each of the formulas. As per the study reports, the formulas have been proven to be effective to bring significant improvement in hair health. Most of the volunteers have shown similar results in their related struggles as well. 

    Ingredients Test

    Each of the Nutrafol formulas was also subjected to ingredient tests conducted by a group of experts. As per the conclusions made with these tests, each Nutrafol ingredient is proven for its: 

    • Safety: each ingredient used to prepare Nutrafol supplements are natural, clinically proven, and of high quality. These ingredients are also safe to consume and don’t bring any adverse results with regular use. However, some customers reported mild reactions after they began their consistent intake. 
    • Effectiveness: all Nutrafol ingredients are clinically proven for their benefits and properties to improve hair health. At the same time, these ingredients are included in precise amounts so that the formula promises its complete effects. 
    • Dosage: most of the experts recommend consistent intake of Nutrafol supplements to achieve their maximum results. According to real Nutrafol reviews, the ideal dosage for all four supplements is 4 capsules every day. You can take them with a glass of water during any mealtime to get the best results. At the same time, it is important to continue this practice for at least 2-3 months. 
    Nutrafol supplement facts

    Nutrafol Customer reviews and Complaints

    When it comes to Nutrafol customer reviews, you can see both positive and negative Nutrafol reviews on several available sources. While sorting out the genuine reviews, it is clear that almost all of the real-life customers could achieve satisfactory results after following a regular intake of the supplement for up to the recommended time. But still, there are a few customers who have experienced minor side effects with its everyday intake. 

    Have a look at a few customer responses received in Nutrafol so far.

    Andie Philips, Nevada

    Although I was a constant bearer of hair struggles, it got worse when I reached the third trimester of my pregnancy. Even after 6 months of childbirth, I was still struggling with hair fall, and it seemed like my hair won’t regrow again. Then, Nutrafol was my last hope and it saved my hair as, within the second month of its continuous use itself, I could notice a significant difference or regrowth of my lost hair. 

    Roger Anderson, Kansas

    Nutrafol is the best remedy you can choose to retrieve hair health. After following its everyday intake for the last two months, I could see how significantly I could retrieve my hair volume. Compared to the previous times, I currently sleep better and feel less stressed. 

    Melissa Jason, Kentucky

    I thought it was impossible to regain the lost volume and shine on the hair after menopause. But what I experienced through Nutrafol is unbelievable. Now I never regret choosing Nutrafol, in fact, I feel thankful to my cousin, who suggested I use Nutrafol. 

    Tips To Boost Results

    As I have mentioned earlier, it is important to follow the regular intake of the supplement with its proper dosage to get its maximum results. However, as per Nutrafol reviews, there are also a few practices you can keep up in your everyday life to make the results even more effective and impressive. 

    Diet: a healthy diet is necessary as it can help you to have an improved quality of life without much struggle. At the same time, it will make it more favorable for any formula to function well on your body. So following healthy dietary changes is preferred while you follow the everyday intake of Nutrafol. To make it clear, a healthy diet will help you improve the quality and longevity of Nutrafol results. 

    Exercises: just like a healthy diet, it is important to follow an everyday workout routine. It will make your movements a bit earlier, and at the same time, it can bring you better results of Nutrafol. 

    Nutrafol Results

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    Expert Advice 

    The Nutrafol hair fall formulas have widely gained attention from experts regarding their several aspects. According to research reports, experts suggest that Nutrafol seems to be a legit name that provides quality hair support remedies or nutraceuticals. Many health forums have also featured Nutrafol formulas for their effectiveness to bring positive changes in hair conditions and overall hair health. 

    According to experts’ suggestions, the consistent intake of the Nutrafol supplement is necessary to achieve its maximum results. Since the formula takes a minimum of 2-3 months to work on your body to bring the actuarial results, it is necessary to tame it every day for at least 3 months.

    You can also follow healthy dietary and lifestyle changes to give a shot to its result quality and longevity. With all these, you can expect the results to stay with you for more than 1-2 years. 

    However, you need to ensure that you are purchasing the supplement through its official landing page. It is exactly where the supplement is exclusively available with safe transactions. Just keep in mind that the replicas of Nutrafol supplements can be seen in various eCommerce sites, offline or online stores with similar labels and names. But, you cannot ensure to have the exact results of Nutrafol through any of its replicas. 

    Nutrafol hair fall supplements Pricing

    Here are the various prices and packages in which each Nutrafol supplement is available:

    • Choose monthly delivery at $79/month + free doctor consults( you can cancel the subscription at any time)
    • Choose 3-month delivery at $225 every three months + free doctor consults( you can cancel the subscription at any time)

    These three packages are applicable for every Nurafol hair support formula, no matter whichever be your choice. 

    Do they offer a Money Back Guarantee? 

    The manufacturer of Nutrafol offers a 100% money-back guarantee with every purchase. So that, if you are not 100% happy with the purchase, you can have a full refund of the price within 30 days. 

    Our Final Take on Nutrafol Reviews!

    As per research data, the natural formula of Nutrafol seems to be a legit option for those who struggle with lost hair volume and other hair-related issues. It is prepared with a clinically proven formula that includes a fine blend of science-backed ingredients. You can see thousands of customers are happy with the results they could achieve after regular consumption of the formula. As it is mentioned in Nutrafol reviews, it is not likely to bring any serious side effects as it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients in it. 

    Apart from significantly improving your overall hair health, the formula is also shown to be effective to bring certain other benefits. These additional benefits include better sleep, enhanced libido, and eliminating stress. While some of the customers have also shared that they could see an improved skin tone and nail health with a regular intake of the Nutrafol supplement. 

    Every Nutrafol supplement is prepared in the USA, in FDA certified, USDA inspected facilities under good manufacturing practices. So the manufacturer offers complete satisfaction with the results. Besides, the supplement comes with a 30-day return policy to secure your purchase as well. 

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    • What’s the best way to take a Nutrafol supplement?

    All Nutrafol supplements are recommended to take 4 capsules once a day. They are easy to swallow. So you can take them along with a glass of water. 

    • Can Nutrafol work on all hair types?

    Yes. no matter if you have wavy, straight, or curly hair, all Nutrafol formula is proven to be effective to use with them.

    • Is it recommended for children under 18 years?

    No. any supplement that comes under the title Nutrafol is not preferred for children under the age of 18. 

    • Is it safe to use Nutrafol Postpartum while breastfeeding?

    Yes. Nutrafol Postpartum is natural and specially made to recover new mothers from their hair struggles related to pregnancy and childbirth. So it is safe for breastfeeding mothers. 

    • Do I need to pay any shipping charge while placing my order?

    No. every order made on Nutrafol is free of shipping charges. 


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