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Ohio Yet To Reveal Its Possible Mass COVID-19 Vaccination Sites

The list of potential mass vaccination sites has been in preparation by the state officials in Ohio. The list is being made after Biden’s administration seeks to open large-scale clinics widely across the country in stadiums, parking lots, community centers, and other sites. 

The Governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine said in the last month that his team could find out 100 potential sites to offer for the present administration to arrange mass vaccination spots. The governor’s remark came along with the request of the Plain Dealer for the vaccination sites then.

Ohio Yet To Reveal Its Possible Mass COVID-19 Vaccination Sites

According to the statement made by a spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Health on Tuesday, the sites are yet to be finalized by the Emergency Management Agency in the state of Ohio.

 The Buckeye State was mentioned by Jefferey Zients, the coronavirus czar of the present administration on Monday.

According to Zients, this site can be similar to a 24-hour vaccination spot that is being operated in the phoenix area stadium.

Later his suggestion, a virtual tour of the operations was given to both Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris by Zients and Arizona officials. 

Zients sent a transcript to the reporters on Monday. According to the transcript, new community vaccination centers have been created by the authorities from the ground ups of states ranging from California to Ohio, to New York in stadiums, community centers, parking lots, and mobile units. 

Biden’s administration was likely to complete his mission to execute 100 million vaccinations across the country by the end of April.

Apparently, after the post-holiday surge, this number became insufficient and the country had already started its campaigns to distribute vaccine shots before he came in power. The vaccination efforts were also accelerated to achieve the number that suggested by Biden at ease.

The vaccination pace in Ohio is quite disappointing to the residents as well as the public health experts. The state governor largely prefers decentralizing the administration of vaccines with few exceptions.

He also left the details regarding when and how would the clinics run to retail the providers like pharmacies, hospital systems, and county health departments.

Meanwhile, the number of newly infected cases has remarkably reduced in the state of Ohio. The Ohio Department of Health reported 3,200 new cases on Tuesday, but on Monday the figures were far lesser and came down to 1,926.

According to statistics, Monday’s numbers showed a reduction that hasn’t been seen in months since the middle of last October.

As of Tuesday, the state has reported more than 925,000 who tested positive with a death toll of above 15,000. Presently, the state has 515,730 active cases all around it.

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