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Olivia Rodrigo To Head To White House As Part Of President Biden’s Vaccine Campaign

Olivia Rodrigo, the reputed pop star, is going to the White House to lend a helping hand to President Biden’s COVID 19 vaccination campaign. There, he will see President Biden and his Medical Adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci, this Wednesday. She will post videos stressing the need to get vaccinated for youngsters. She will also answer their questions in the matter.

Olivia Rodrigo To Head To White House As Part Of President Biden’s Vaccine Campaign

Renowned pop star Olivia Rodrigo is about to head to the White House this Wednesday. There, she will lend voice to the President’s coronavirus vaccination drive. The Disney actor-turned song writer-singer will meet the President and his Chief Medical Officer as part of the campaign.

Olivia Rodrigo To Head To White House As Part Of President Biden’s Vaccine Campaign

There, he will cut a video stressing the need for youngsters to get vaccinated. She will also answer their questions in this regard. They will share the video with Olivia’s 28000000 followers on social media and on the accounts of the White House.

Her recent collaboration, an album named “The Sour”, came back at the top in the chart of the week. Within a few months of her lead single “Driver’s License”, this happened, breaking the records of one-day streaming on Spotify. This epitomizes the Biden Administration’s efforts to boost its coronavirus vaccination campaign. His team’s new effort includes reaching out to pediatricians and others involved in the process to reach out to adolescents before they go back to school during the fall.

The administration is also trying to reach out to social media and rope in influencers among the celebrities to reach out to as many people as possible. Taking part in YouTube programs, collaborating with content creators, the Biden administration is doing whatever it can to inoculate a maximum number of people.

Rodrigo himself confirmed his trip to the White House in a tweet. He was replying to a call for help from the White House’s official account.

Olivia even told reporters that they need to have conversations with friends and family. This, they should do, to vaccinate as many youngsters as possible.

Upon conclusion of the scheduled visit, Biden’s team thanked the star. President Biden also posted a video of himself and the star wearing his signature aviator sunglasses on Twitter.

The campaign gained momentum when the President’s Chief Medical Officer announced that up to 95% of the people who die from COVID 19 are unvaccinated.

Vice President Kamala Harris posted a video of meeting with young influencers to stress the need to vaccinate the younger generation.

White House is also collaborating with gaming platforms to highlight the need to get a job.

The aggressive campaign on social networking platforms began with the realization that the country will fall short of the President’s declared goal by July 4th. He feels that the nation needs to work more to vaccinate its youngsters as fast as possible.

President Biden had declared that by July 4th, 70% of the country’s adult population will receive at least one dose of the vaccine.

CDC says that up to 67% of the adult population will get the first dose of the jab by that time.

According to Dr. Fauci, the field is plagued with hundreds of myths. Some say that if vaccinated, aliens will take over your body. For others, it will create some sort of a magnetic presence in you. Thus his team wants the country to help them bust these false claims.

The more contagious Delta variant of the virus is causing panic in the country. And the US Government believes that vaccinating youngsters is the key to success here. As per the data available, the new strain is dominant among the unvaccinated people.

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