Omicron Can Be Deadly, Do Not Take It Lightly: Says WHO

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 8, 2022

A significant warning from the WHO has aroused curiosity in so many hearts regarding the severity of Omicron. Previously, it was told that Omicron is not deadly like the COVID-19 strain. However, the doctors are saying something else now.

Omicron Can Be Deadly, Do Not Take It Lightly: Says WHO

According to the World Health Organization specialists, it will not be justified to regard the Omicron virus as mild. Millions of people across the globe are losing their precious lives every day.

Omicron Can Be Deadly, Do Not Take It Lightly: Says WHO

The chief of the organization, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, stated that the present cases had crossed all records in the global medical history. Hence, it is essential to become more serious about this health hazard. The whole system is undergoing massive pressure with the outbreak of this newly-found variant.

Reports show that the United States had an increment in the number of cases within only 24 hours. About 90% of the US population is still unvaccinated. The fact is a sad but bitter truth. After repeated warnings also, people took it very lightly. There is a huge rise of about 71% in the total number of global cases.

Dr. Tedros stated that Omicron is definitely less powerful than the Delta virus in a press conference. However, this does not imply that the virus is mild. It is no different than the earlier variants as the mortality rate increases every hour throughout the world. Moreover, the number of cases of hospitalization is also high in number.

The overwhelming impact of the cases is so quick that it is not giving people the time to think. Even fully vaccinated people can also become the victims of this highly contiguous virus. The doctors are thus warning the population to continue taking all the precautions as earlier. They should avoid crowded places and use a mask always. Wearing gloves is also advised to avoid exposure to the disease.

Vaccines are mandatory to reduce the deadly effect of the virus. They can lower the probabilities of hospitalizations to a great extent. More than 70% of the patients affected by Omicron require immediate medical help and hospitalization. The beds are becoming full at lightning speed.

The recent number of death cases in the UK is around two lakhs. Among them, around 236 deaths were reported due to COVID. Due to the insufficient staff, the hospitals are facing critical scenarios. With COVID cases going beyond control, the situation is getting worse day by day. Hence, Olivier Veran, the honorable health minister of France, declared that January could be challenging for all medical establishments. People worldwide must be more careful about the current scenario and should not take Omicron lightly.

Keeping in mind the present status, the hospitals are increasing at a large scale to accommodate more patients. As per the physicians of France, the available general beds are occupied mainly by Omicron patients, whereas it is impossible to keep the ICU beds empty due to the constant admission of COVID patients. Delta strain is also creating massive pressure on the hospital authorities.

The local media of Serbia recently reported a sudden rise of Omicron cases by over 9000. The president is also of the opinion that the country’s healthcare system is facing tremendous pressure. Dr. Tedros even suggested increasing the supply of the number of vaccines in every part of this world. This pandemic must come to an end to control the unbelievable pressure of the global health sector.

The WHO chief already announced a probability of the western cases to hoard most of the vaccines. However, if it is not so, the world will have enough vaccines available to cover the entire global population. The countries must take this message seriously and take all the steps to safeguard the financially backward nations.

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