Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Chapter 104, Release Date, and Cast!!

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Chapter 104

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint is a fateful fiction web novel. Omni Reader’s Viewpoint is widely also known as Omniscient Reader. The fiction web novel, Omni Reader’s Viewpoint is also often shortly mentioned as ORV.

The fiction web novel is written by a Korean author writing duo under the Sing Shong. Sing Shong is the pen name of the Korean author.

All You Need To Know About Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Chapter 104, Release Date, and Cast!!

The fiction web novel was initially written in Korean and has been converted to the English language.

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Chapter 104 release cast

The translation of the fiction web novel in English took place by the translators A_Passing_Wanderer and Rainbow Turtle.

The Plot Of The Web Novel, Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint (ORV)

An anonymous author tells 123 wrote a novel known as “Three Ways to Survive in a Ruined World” which has been released and written among people over a period of a decade now. A person named Kim Dokja is the only known reader who has read this novel by an anonymous writer till the ending of the novel.

When the real physical world has jumped into the assumption of courses of action for their survival, the distinctive wisdom of the novel by Kim Dokja plays an important role in his survival. Kim Dokja pairs with Yoo Joonghyuk. Yoo Joonghyuk is the main character of the ways of survival. This is because to amend the initial plot of the novel and more rapid take aside to the end of the novel.

As Kim Dokja and his teammates move towards their ways of survival, they face immense difficult challenges and dangerous situations like life or death, coming to blows to stay alive and working as a team as their main aim is to end the Star Stream. Star Stream demands their sufferings without mercy.

The most asked question among the weebs is “What is the Release Date of Chapter 104 of this Fiction Web Novel?”

Here, we have the answer for you.

Chapter 104 of the fiction web novel, Omniscient Reader Viewpoint is 15 April of the year 2022. According to the Korean standard time (KST), chapter 104 will make its debut at 12 AM, in the night. The raw scans of the fiction web novel will be widely available a day prior and the translations in English of the fiction web novel will be released on 22 April of the year 2022.

The fiction web novel series is quite popular, so, for the international fans the official English translations for the latest chapter, chapter 104, will be released by the following date and time in these countries:

  1. According to Pacific Daylight Time: at 9 AM on Friday
  2. According to Central Daylight Time: at 11 AM on Friday
  3. According to Eastern Daylight Time: Noon on Friday
  4. According to British Summer Time: 5 PM on Friday

The Main Cast of the Fiction Web Novel

  1. Kim Dokja
  2. Han Sooyoung
  3. Yoo Joonghyuk
  4. Shin Yoosung
  5. Shin Yoosung (41st Round)
  6. Secretive Plotter
  7. Yoo Sangah
  8. Jung Heewon

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