Oral Daprodustat To Help People With Kidney Issues

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 9, 2021

In a recent virtual summit for Kidney,it has been shown that oral daprodustat would be highly effective against the traditional erythropoiesis

Oral Daprodustat To Help People With Kidney Issues

The study of daprodustat was presented by Ajay K Singh who is a MBBS doctor and stated that this can be used for both non-dialysis and dialysis patients as well. They study was conducted on 6800 patients with the issue of chronic kidney disease.

He further stated that daprodustat can be a serious alternative to ESA as they need to be injected to a person`s body which is not always good. Patients with CKD often have to take this and is a great stress on their body. Daprodustat can be consumed orally which makes it a great alternative. He also mentioned that there were no safety issues observed in these studies and are perfectly harmless.

The use of daprodustat has shown good results in patients with CKD and patients also stated that this is much easier rather than injecting something to your body every once a week. In the virtual summit it was also discussed how people can avoid kidney issues by doing simple things at home.

Oral Daprodustat To Help People With Kidney Issues

One of the major factors contributing to kidney failure is high blood sugar levels. The way this affects the body is that when cells in our body are not able to metabolize the sugar in blood, this puts an added strain on the kidneys. The kidneys work more roughly and with such a high workload, the kidneys wear out. Doctors can help you control the blood sugar levels in your body by making the necessary changes in your diet.

A healthy diet is one of the key factors to helping many of your organs to function properly, including your kidneys. A person`s diet should include meat and sodium levels must be maintained as lack of these are the major reasons for kidney failure from a diet perspective. Water intake is also quite necessary for maintaining a healthy kidney. There is no fixed amount of water which a person should consume on a daily basis. The water intake differs from person to person, however many of the doctors and health care professionals state that 1.5 to 2 litres of water should be consumed daily for keeping one hydrated at all times. If you stay in extreme heat conditions the water intake should be more than this.

Smoking is another major thing which damages the kidney. Many people think smoking damages just the liver but that is not true. Smoking mainly damages the blood vessels in our body. Over time the blood flow to all your organs gets slow thus damaging them even your kidney. However, this doesn’t happen instantly and takes lot of years and might also cause cancer as well if not detected early.

Kidney issues are most common in men due to high stress and anxiety levels, women do not experience many issues in kidney. In the summit it was also discussed that kidney transplant are getting more and more light nowadays as many people are coming forward for organ donation.

It was also stated that 1 in 10 Americans shows issue with their kidney and this number is mainly includes people over the age of 20 which is another troublesome issue as young people are getting more affected by kidney issues in today`s world and very few are aware of this.

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