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Orlando’s Mayor Suggest Water Use Be Limited During COVID-19 Resurgence

With the rise in Covid-19 related cases, the mayor of Orlando gas asked residents to curb their use of water as much as possible. Due to the surge in cases of Coronavirus, Orlando has recorded a marked increase in the number of Covid related hospitalizations.

For this reason, the mayor has pressed citizens and residents to be frugal with their water use. He urges residents to temporarily stopped washing their cars and lawns for a week. The limitations on water use have been recommended as water usage needs to be reduced with the rising number of hospitalizations.

Orlando’s Mayor Suggest Water Use Be Limited During COVID-19 Resurgence

The mayor of Orlando, Buddy Dyer explained the reasoning behind this request is due to the treatment of water. The Orlando Utility Commission employs a treatment process that requires liquid oxygen to treat the water that is supplied to the residents of Orlando. However, with the rise in cases and hospitalizations, this liquid oxygen needs to be sent to the hospitals.

Orlando’s Mayor Suggest Water Use Be Limited During COVID-19 Resurgence

The Orlando Utility Commission requires at least 10 trucks of liquid oxygen in a week for the processing and treatment of water that is supplied to residents of Orlando. However, the rising trend of Covid-19 cases necessitates an increase in the amounts of liquid oxygen by hospitals for treating Covid-19 patients who have been hospitalized.

In such a situation, the more the Orlando Utility Commission can spare the liquid oxygen supply, the better are the health chances of Covid-19 patients. The oxygen supplier for the utility treatment center has said that the number of trucks will be reduced. Linda Ferrone, the marketing officer and chief customer of the Orlando Utility Commission said that only five to seven trucks of liquid oxygen will be supplied to meet the demand of hospitals.

Linda Ferrone has expressed the urgency and need for this water limitation. She states that if the situation worsens, a boil water alert will have to be issued by city officials. Around 40% of the total water supply that undergoes treatment by the Orlando Utility Commission is used for irrigation. Ferrone explains that by limiting the residents’ use of water for washing cars, watering lawns, or using pressure washers this percentage will decrease.

The city’s utility Commission began to use liquid oxygen in the water treatment process in the 1990s. Liquid oxygen is added to the water supply to remove the rotten egg smell and the slight discoloration. In a news conference, Mayor Buddy Dyer’s commented that the need of the hour is for everyone to help and work together so that everyone can do their part.

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The Mayor of Orlando believes that to survive the pandemic and to shake the deathly effects of the Coronavirus everyone has to work together as a community. He states that while the current situation is riddled with obstacles and challenges, he is confident that residents and businesses will work together as a community to stave the effects of the virus.

The resurgence in Covid-19 cases is due to the Delta variant. The variant has affected a large portion of the American population resulting in a rise in hospitalizations and even deaths. The state of Florida is one of the most badly affected areas in the country. Its new cases are considered to be greater than when Covid cases hit a peak in winter.

Orange County, which is located in Orlando has seen a 58 % increase in Covid-19 related hospitalizations in just the past two weeks. Deaths in the area have also risen at a frightening pace. The recent number of deaths is so much that local crematoriums are not able to keep up. The number of deaths is so overwhelming that crematoriums no longer have sufficient space to accommodate the bodies.

The current scenario necessitates the conservation of oxygen for Covid-19 patients. Doctors and mental health professionals have commented that with the overwhelming rise in cases, hospital supplies especially oxygen is a critical factor in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. Mayor Dyer states that the rise in Covid-19 cases will be prevented if more people take the Covid-19 vaccines. Vaccines will prevent people from reaching these dire levels of illness and requiring medical care.

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