Paediatric Gets New Changes In The Health Care. Latest Reports

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 22, 2021

As per a webinar conducted recently many pediatric hospitals and health care are working on better quality of care for children. James C Burroughs from Children`s Minnesota stated that health equity is a top choice for them and they will continue to work hard to achieve this.

Paediatric Gets New Changes In The Health Care. Latest Reports

One of the main points he stressed is that every hospital or health care should employ people of all colors and origins. What this will bring is confidence among parents and children to see someone of their own origin and they will be more relaxed and open up easily as compared to some other person.

Paediatric Gets New Changes In The Health Care

Children`s Minnesota has a ratio of employing 34% of people of other origins so as to help the patients and the results are really good.

Arkansas Children`s stated that it is not just people inside the hospital that makes a difference it is the community outside that can also help. Maintaining good ties with the local leaders will help for better options as they can help people understand why the concerned health care is good and how it can help them.

Dr. Marisha DiCarlo who is a health advocate at Arkansas Children`s stated that this cannot be done alone and only with a joint endeavor of government, community, and business can this be achieved. She also stated that food insecurity is another major concern that needs to be addressed if they are going to provide better health care for children.

The report states that 1 out of 4 children was not getting healthy food before the covid situation and now the numbers have been worsened to 1 out of 3. Not getting proper food is the main reason for many of the diseases among the children and the state should work on this first.

Burroughs stated that the help of the community has really helped the hospitals and children. Most of the hospitals are only open from Monday to Friday during normal business hours for vaccination. However, Children`s Minnesota kept its doors open on Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm.

This way many of the parents who could not get their child vaccinated during the weekdays due to work had an alternative. The results were really good as more and more people turned up on Sunday. Many of the parents stated that they wanted their kids to be vaccinated however, their employer was not ready to give them a day off and this initiative by Children`s Minnesota helped them greatly.

DiCarlo stated that in Arkansas many of the hospitals reached out to schools for help. In this venture, the doctors gave out lectures or seminars at schools which helped many of the children to know about the current situation and how they can be prepared for it.

There was a QnA session with parents and kids wherein the doctors answered their queries and this has led more people to come forward for vaccination and other treatment.

DiCarlo stated that the best way for hospitals and health care to progress is through a joint partnership with other entities. Most people want to get treatment for themselves and for their kids but are not sure how to get on with it. Putting partnership will give them a platform and they can openly talk on it.

Dr. Lisa Chamberlain from Stanford stated that seminars are the right way for educating people as in Stanford Children`s a public hall is taken wherein doctors and other health care professionals talk with people and help them identify many of the things which can help their kids in day to day life.

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