Covid-19 Pandemic May End Soon – According To Fauci

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 15, 2022

Since the beginning of the year, the US has experienced a New Year Gift in the form of a pandemic. The number of deaths crossed 900,000, which is higher than the figures for last year. So, it is quite evident that everybody is looking for answers now.

Covid-19 Pandemic May End Soon – According To Fauci

The US is one of the wealthiest countries, which is aiming to get the booster for all citizens. It has already achieved more than 60% of vaccinations for the two-dose vaccine. Boosters have also been introduced and are being administered. So, infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci is hopeful that the pandemic may end soon.

Covid-19 Pandemic May End Soon – According To Fauci

It is seen that the surge was the highest in current times. Omicron wreaked havoc in all the states of the US. But now the infection rate is coming down. That seems to provide some respite to one and all.

The local governors and health experts have said that the pandemic is not reaching a plateau. So, things may be good for the population now. Mask mandates are also being dropped at several locations. However, the White House is still skeptical about such things. Fauci has told several news reporters that the local mandates will only come into force, depending on localized situations.

With the pandemic slowing down, more people will be left to decide how they will handle the situation and restrictions now. There is no point in the Central authorities intervening in the same. Since Christmas, the US has reported a large number of cases. But in the last week, the cases have declined to a huge extent. This has given a lot of hope to all involved.

However, the forecasts of the number of deaths remain steady and might cross 1 million soon. According to the specialists, the deaths are bound to happen as many people are in the hospital and unvaccinated.

Although the US has seen a decline in the number of cases, the states will have to decide on the mask mandates. Masks have been stressed as the main mode of protection from the initial days of the virus. So, now the state leaders are going to decide how they are going about it. Over 64 percent vaccination rate has been achieved in the US. However, there is no vaccine for children below 5 years.

That seems to be a concern for a large part of the population. Now, the US administration is in meetings with several governors and health officials to find out if it is the right time yet to leave the restrictions. It is seen in earlier cases that relaxed rules have led to a sudden surge in infections.

In spite of declining infection rates, it may be noted that the virus is still in circulation. According to the CDC, the Coronavirus can soon turn into an endemic from a pandemic. The endemic is basically a disease that is omnipresent but controlled. As the world gets more vaccine options, the number of infection-related deaths may come down soon.

Various other treatment modes like monoclonal antibody treatment are also on the cards at present. Additionally, there are treatment modalities like medicines coming up. A lot of research work is underway on medicines that can control the infection.

So, the US may soon be able to stay mask-free. Apart from 6-months-5-year-old kids, everybody has the vaccine. So, it is quite evident that protection is in hand. However, still, 18 million children stand a chance to get infected. The only way, according to the health experts, is to create a bubble for them at home. All adults getting vaccinated can provide a way out of the situation at hand.

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