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A Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated CDC Director Says About COVID

Health officials report that there is no ambiguity but it’s crystal clear that unvaccinated people are acting as a medium for the rapid increase in Pandemic spread. They are the folks at maximum risk of getting affected by COVID.

One in five cases has occurred in Florida alone says Jeff Zients, coronavirus coordinator. It was also found that only four states contributed to 40 percent of COVID-19 cases in the previous week. On Friday during the white house Covid-19 briefing, Dr.Rochelle Walensky said that the outbreaks are seen in parts of the country that have low vaccination coverage as unvaccinated people are at greater risk.

A Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated CDC Director Says About COVID

Data gathered from Johns Hopkins University shows that the average rise in cases is at least 10% higher this week. Also, many health experts believe this rise in cases is due to the slowing of vaccination rates with only 48.4% of the US population completely vaccinated. It was found that more unvaccinated people are in the age range of 30 to 40.

A Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated CDC Director Says About COVID

Doctor Walensky says the risk of hospitalization and deaths cannot be prevented in the unvaccinated category of people. Recently the growing spread of the delta variant of the virus has amplified the danger. Doctor Anthony Fauci said unvaccinated people are extremely vulnerable.

Experts are of opinion that fully vaccinated people are protected against severe hospitalization and death they are even protected against the Delta variant of the virus.

Importance of being fully vaccinated

Many states are reinstating mask guidelines because of the increased surge in COVID cases. Health officials and experts in the Bay area of SanFrancisco are recommending people to wear masks in public places even though they are fully or partially vaccinated.

They believe till now masks have been effective in preventing the spread of coronavirus. Vaccination holds the first place in being effective against Covid-19. Health officials have said that people should not fall behind their schedule of getting a second dose of vaccination. Those who are only partially vaccinated still face a risk of getting affected.

Misconceptions about Vaccine

According to analysis half of people who said they will probably not get vaccinated said they didn’t trust the vaccine. Renowned US Surgeon Dr.Vivek Murthy told many don’t have access to correct information right now.

Now social media platforms are flooded with misinformation about vaccination. He suggests one of the best ways to get your doubts cleared is to have conversations with friends and family.

Universities and Colleges

Many hospitals and Universities are bringing up strict rules that all their employees should be vaccinated. Rhode Island stood as the first state which declared that all their public and private colleges should be fully vaccinated.

Following the University of California has also rolled out guidelines that all students, faculty, and staff must be vaccinated. Those who don’t get vaccinated will be prohibited from attending in-person classes. Such strict rules become a mandate for employees as the vaccine approval process moves further. 

Now is the time to choose if you want to be out of your job or get vaccinated!

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