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Parental Consent Required For Children To Receive COVID Jab, Lawmakers Demand

Two among the Republican lawmakers in Tennessee have announced that they have received assurance from the State Health Department that they won’t vaccinate minors for coronavirus without parental consent.

In Tennessee, the Government fired the State’s top vaccine official. This happened in response to a complaint lawmakers filed recently. They had accused the Health Department of promoting vaccines among teenagers. 

Parental Consent Required For Children To Receive COVID Jab, Lawmakers Demand

Two Republican Tennessee lawmakers said recently that they have received assurance from the Health Department that it will not vaccinate minors for COVID 19 without parental consent. 

Parental Consent Required For Children To Receive COVID Jab, Lawmakers Demand

An alleged attempt to go back on the rights of children in vaccination proved to be the lightning strike for its top health official. It was informed in the midst of a meeting of a legislative panel in the matter. It had questioned the State Health Department and its vaccine officials. According to her, the move was to please some of the GOP lawmakers who were outraged at the State’s outreach to minors with regard to vaccination.

The two senators who preside over the Government’s joint Operation Committee released a statement. They said that they have met with the Health Commissioner and a member of the Republican Party. The Department decline to respond to requests for comments in the matter. According to them, vaccinating children against COVID 19 was not the policy of anyone involved in the process. Six larger counties are independent here.

They did not indicate any attempt to limit the private players in the field. They even said that the Health Department has taken measures to stop any marketing that targets children. Their statement did not have any mention the fired official who said that Health Department has stopped vaccine outreach to children. The Department also says that it has not halted the vaccination program for children. It is now directing parents to Government’s official portal for information on vaccination for minors. 

The persons also defended the Republican stand on the issue. They never discouraged anyone in the State or their children from receiving the jab. They only opposed any attempt to vaccinate minors against COVID 19 without parental consent. The vaccine outreach program was aimed at minors, but their parents. Presenting these concerns as anti-vaccine is intellectual dishonesty. It is the way of the lazy, they added. 

The legislature had sent a memo against the Supreme Court’s verdict of 1987. It allowed States to vaccinate minors (12-14) without obtaining consent from their parents.

Tennessee belongs to the group of states that allows States to determine if a minor is mature enough to receive the shot without parental consent. In 41 other States, parental consent is a must for minors to receive the vaccination.

In the hearing that was conducted in June, the fired official said that she has heard about Tennessee’s doctrine only eight times. Three among such instances involved her own children.

The Republican lawmakers also warned against any type of bullying or blackmailing to force people to receive the COVID 19 vaccine. The lawmakers even presented a list of behaviors they consider unjustifiable. However, they did not give proof of any such instance actually happening. They also demanded that football players should bear the expenses of their COVID 19 testing on their own.

They should do it weekly until they receive the jab. They even suspended the marching band from the half-time show. They should get vaccinated before they can rejoin. They also wanted the State to separate vaccinated children from the unvaccinated in schools. Authorities should also offer incentives for parents willing to vaccinate their children. They did not allow the discussion on Wednesday. This attracted a harsh response from Democrats. They accused Republicans of using their imagination when citing examples of unacceptable behaviors.

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