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Parents scared As Covid Vaccine Might Bring Infertility To Their Kids

Covid 19 vaccine has now been administered to the vast majority of the population in the US and now it is time for getting the kids aged 5 – 11 for their vaccination. However, many of the parents across the US are concerned if the covid 19 vaccine might cause infertility to their child at a later stage in life.

Many doctors and health care officials have started educating the parents that this won’t be a concern and there have been no such claims on this topic.

Parents scared As Covid Vaccine Might Bring Infertility To Their Kids

The American Academy of Paediatrics released a statement on their website stating that there is no evidence linking these 2 things. However, no specific study has been conducted for fertility and vaccine but no issues have been reported among millions of people who took the vaccine and the trials done on animals did not show any infertility issues as well.

Parents scared As Covid Vaccine Might Bring Infertility To Their Kids

These statements were backed up by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists stating that the vaccine is completely safe for kids.

It has been said that the distribution of vaccines for kids between the age group of 5 – 11 will start this week and additional resources will be allocated to hospitals as vaccinating kids could take longer with many of them afraid of injections. An emergency approval has been given for the Pfizer vaccine for the kids.

It has come to light that FDA vaccine advisers are quite independent and are not afraid of states’ opinions on their decision. When the topic of whether vaccines for kids was raised and if asked if this is the right time to vaccinate the whole age group few people raised concerns, however no questions regarding infertility were raised in this discussion.

The meeting was concluded with a 17-0 vote count and this was approved for emergency use for the US for the mentioned age group.

Dr. Paul Offit who is one of the FDA advisers said that many people got this notion of infertility from a letter which was sent to the European Medicines Agency in which it was stated that there has been some similarity between the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein which is what we are making antibodies for and also a protein which helps infertility which is known as syncytin-1. So, if you are using antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 then it could also affect syncytin-1 thus leading to infertility.

Offit further added that this is completely baseless as both the proteins are completely different from one another. Many people stated that they have got pregnant months after taking the vaccine and if this infertility rumor is true then the birth rate should be going down which is not happening.

Dr. Peter Marks from FDA stated that these vaccines have undergone many trials and no one seemed to have any issues with fertility and all these rumors are baseless. He further stated that both Pfizer and Moderna`s vaccines are safe.

The state has asked hospitals to provide all the information available to them when the kids come for vaccination as they don’t want any panic situations and educating the parents is the first step for getting the kids vaccinated.

Marks states that parents who worry that the vaccination might cause infertility are not alone as the same was the case during polio vaccination during the 1990s to 2000. Many communities all over the world had refused polio vaccines at the start however as time progressed people learned that this does not cause any such issues and is completely safe for their children. Many of the hospitals are gearing for the upcoming vaccination.

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