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Parents Should Adopt These Measures This Summer To Help Their kid’s Mental Health

Youth mental health and suicide prevention is an old issue but it’s gaining the required attention now. Children’s hospital in Colorado recently declared that Children’s mental health also termed pediatric mental health was a crisis. Parents, Guardians, and Paediatricians must take adequate steps and emotionally help children who may struggle with mental distress.

Parents Should Adopt These Measures This Summer To Help Their kid’s Mental Health

Parents Should Adopt These Measures This Summer To Help Their kid’s Mental Health

Common mental health issues

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), anxiety and behavior disorders are the most common ones. Learning disabilities, autism, and risk factors like substance use and self-harm are also few common mental health issues.

Check if they have a trusted to talk to

Scott Smith said that if youth have a positive adult that they can connect and talk then youth suicide can be prevented. He works as executive director for suicide prevention of Larimer County in Colorado. He said that not all kids have good relationships with parents, neighbors, teachers, and coaches. If an adult has to be there for a child then adults should make it a point to take time to connect and build relationships with kids. Even though kids feel fear and anxiety frequently it is good to have a regular check. Provide emotional support when it is most needed.

Frequent Conversations

Conversations around mental health and feelings are the most important things which adults can do to verify with children regarding suicidal thoughts. Children connect well with personal stories, so adults must talk about their own issues which will, in turn, make children safer to open up about their feelings.

When kids look disturbed or there is a mood change in them it’s the apt time to have a conversation with them. Whether the mood drift is from happy to sad or sad to happy it is the best time to talk openly. Changes in behavior may be signs of depression and anxiety. Older children may show changes in sleep, appetite, physical and social activity. Scott Smith also assures that by talking about sensitive issues like suicide adults won’t be planting ideas in them.

Track their Sleep Cycle

Kids and also young adults need adequate sleep. Heilmann says sleep is the best solution for suicidal thoughts and a shield against a lot of mental health conditions. A recent survey established that the majority of the younger generation are sleep deprived. Getting enough sleep is a sign of a healthy routine.

Don’t hesitate to get the required help

It is pretty normal for kids to show negative emotions especially during major transitions and situations like pandemics. But when they are deeply disturbed and they stay different for a longer period of time parents should opt for consulting an expert about screening. Just like we consult a physician for physical illness consulting a doctor for mental illness must be common. It would be difficult for few families to get access to health care for children. Lack of availability of doctors or long waiting queues makes it more difficult. Children will benefit from early diagnosis and treatment.

Public Health includes mental health 

Providing support to children’s mental health includes making sure children develop strong emotional health, supporting positive parenting. CDC works with agencies to understand mental disorders and how they impact children.

Some simple tips to keep children and adults mentally well:

  • Providing them balanced diet and ensuring that they exercise regularly
  • Provide Freedom to play indoors and as well as outdoors.
  • Ensuring that Family members who talk to each other and get along well.
  • Indulging in local activities for young adults.
  • Appreciate their little success and celebrate with them.
  • Accepting their mistakes and educating them to grow from failures.

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