Pathetic Conditions Of Making The Infected Health Professionals Work Arise

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 12, 2022

More patients are rushing towards the hospitals as the cases keep on increasing. The situation is starting to get out of hand. With even milder symptoms caused by the new mutant Omicron, people are afraid to continue themselves with self-quarantining. Since the fatal potential is also getting more effective, it has stirred up all the mental peace of both the patients and the doctors. Health care workers with all the cautions followed are still getting infected with the contagious virus.

Making The Infected Health Professionals Work

As there are only a scarce number of doctors and nurses in comparison with the number of people being admitted, the guidelines by the authorities of CDC have created tension among the nurses.

Making The Infected Health Professionals Work

Workers with possible symptoms have been asked only to isolate for a period of 5 days which has been reduced from the prevailing period of 10 days. Some nurses are even being asked to continue working with no quarantine if they are asymptomatic.

Nearly 300 staff out of 3700 in total have decided to stay at home as they test positive for Covid-19. This has been reported by the CEO of University Hospital in Newyork. The updated regulations by CDC compel health care workers to serve in nursing homes though they are found infected.

On the other hand, some of the health experts and advisors aid support to these guidelines keeping the health of the people in concern. It is only possible for all the doctors to bring the occurrences of Covid and its variants to control with appropriate treatments. Chip Khan agrees to the new instructions of CDC as they left it to the convenience of hospital authorities to decide on the functioning time of the health care workers. Every hospital follows its own terms of regulations to take a call on the working schedule of both symptomatic and asymptomatic health care workers.

The matter of Covid infection cannot be left careless though most of them have been administered with vaccination. Stats show that the majority of the vaccinated people are also being affected by the infection. Vaccines have considerably reduced the adverse effects that arise when tested positive with the coronavirus. Health care workers with complete vaccination can work with a little relief.

The patients hospitalized are not being informed of whether the nurse or caretaker has been affected by Covid-19 recently or not. Still, after calling back the infectious workers to hospitals there has been a shortage of staff. As the cases get a strike, the need for health professionals is also constantly increasing. In addition, there is a requirement for fast testing kits for patients. This has resulted in leaving the workers without testing as there is already a shortage of testing kits.

This has immensely affected the surgeries to be performed at the said time. The postponement of a five-month-old boy’s heart surgery in the state of Michigan has created a panic. It went well after several rescheduling. The lack of beds has caused in pushing almost 200 scheduled surgeries to a later date. At this pace, it might get even worse nationwide in the coming weeks.

Proper preventive measures are to be obeyed to stay safe from the deadly virus. N-95 masks are advised to be used to cover the facial area. These masks are found to be more effective than normal single-layered masks. Also, the disposal of used masks must be done in the right way. Washing hands often and cleansing all the utilities with disinfectants can be of little help.

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