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Among Patients Infected With COVID-19, The Immunity Can Last For At Least 1 Year

Research conducted for a long period in Northern Italy observing COVID-19 patients declared that those who have been infected with coronavirus are most likely to not get infected for a second time and the immunity among these people can last for about one year.

Among Patients Infected With COVID-19, The Immunity Can Last For At Least 1 Year

The natural immunity battling against coronavirus seems to have a defensive outcome for one year, this is like the safety cover provided by any vaccine. This was concluded by the crew led by the Ph.D. Nicola Mumoli, who works at a Hospital.

Among Patients Infected With COVID-19, The Immunity Can Last For At Least 1 Year

More than fifteen thousand people were observed for this study and the results of analyzing the conditions of these individuals were printed in JAMA Internal Medicine’s Journal on May 28. Although the results are cheering and optimistic, people infected with the virus still need to be vaccinated. 

Dr. Mitchell Katz after recovering from COVID-19 said “First of all, we have no idea for how long usual immunity may last”. He works at New York City Health and Hospital.

He added that we are still unsure of how can one be protected from the new variations of coronavirus even with strong immunity. Dr. Katz said, the best possible solution right now to protect everyone from the virus infection is by vaccinating everyone.

 He further continued by saying that smallpox was also eradicated by vaccinating everyone. Since obtaining strong immunity by natural process requires a lot of time and sometimes becomes painful for the individual; therefore, vaccinating would prove to be a better and easy option.

In a study in Italy, a new situation was termed as an infection that occurred after ninety days past an individual was completely recovered from the initial infection. From the beginning of 2020 to the end of February 2021, more than fifteen thousand residents were newly infected with the coronavirus.

Coronavirus vaccines show our immune system how to perceive and battle the infection that becomes the cause of coronavirus. It regularly requires fourteen days after immunization for the body to assemble assurance (resistance) against the infection that causes COVID-19.

When the COVID-19 infection was first known, among several people who got tested, around 13000 people were verified negative for coronavirus, but the number of people who tested positive was 1,579. Dr. Mumoli’s team reported that few people who had never experienced infection from coronavirus previously were infected with COVID-19 a year later. 

Researchers found that four-fifths of patients are working or going to the hospital, which indicates that they are particularly more likely to be exposed to the risk of coronavirus. One-fifth of re-infected patients are seriously ill and have to be hospitalized. In addition, reinfection usually takes a long time: Mumoli and colleagues found that the normal duration required for getting reinfected was two hundred and thirty days.

However, the researchers emphasized that this does not mean that people who have previously been disease-ridden can omit the COVID-19 vaccine. Following Katz, they found that their research was over before the second variant of coronavirus started spreading, and they don’t know how an individual’s immunity to wild-type viruses can resist these variants.”

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