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Patients Who Are Not Vaccinated Against Covid-19 Are Crowding Hospitals, Endangering Other Patients, Doctors Say

According to doctors, hospitals are overtaken by unvaccinated patients with the Delta strain of the disease that may affect car accident victims and others who need hospital care but are not Covid-19 infected.

Patients Who Are Not Vaccinated Against Covid-19 Are Crowding Hospitals, Endangering Other Patients, Doctors Say

None of these patients expected to get the virus, but AdventHealth Central Florida’s chief clinical officer, Dr. Neil Finkler reported that even young, healthy patients, including pregnant women, are now being admitted to the hospital due to the Delta variant. He said more than 90% of the Covid-19 hospital patients weren’t vaccinated.

Patients Who Are Not Vaccinated Against Covid-19 Are Crowding Hospitals, Endangering Other Patients, Doctors Say

Texas’ Austin-Travis County Health Authority said in a statement that our ICU capacity has reached a point where it’s causing significant risk to the community, not just to those who have COVID. It is at our own peril if we fail to come together now as a community, because we may need to provide critical care for loved ones, he added.

Mississippi’s State Health Officer Thomas Dobbs reported an increase in Covid-19 hospitalizations – including among young patients. Health department data show all 88 intensive care beds at the University of Mississippi Medical Center were filled by Friday. Similarly, treating critical care patients at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center in Baton Rouge, Dr. Christopher Thomas said that we are becoming victims of the unvaccinated. Currently, we are over-inhabiting our beds and creating burnout among our staff. We are also beginning to impact other community health care services, he added.

According to Thomas, 97% of the patients in the ICU of the Louisiana hospital were not vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus. According to Covid-19 reports, the average age of ICU patients was 48 on Friday.

There are children now in the hospital with their mothers and fathers — he explained to the reporters. In order to battle the Delta variant of measles, businesses and cities such as Birmingham, New Orleans, and Louisville are requiring mask use. Only 49.6% of Americans had been vaccinated as of Sunday.

An internal presentation from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that the Delta strain of novel coronavirus is several times more contagious and causes more severe disease than the original strain.

According to internal CDC documents, universal masking is essential to reduce transmission of the Delta variant due to higher transmissibility and current vaccine coverage.

People who are not vaccinated cause masks to be more restrictive

It is the refusal of people to wear masks and get vaccinated that is prolonging the pandemic, doctors say. CDC messaging has missed that the vast majority of cases are the result of people not being vaccinated, said Dr. Leana Wen. She is a visiting professor at Milken Institute School, George Washington University.

Vaccination does not solve the problem, but rather, vaccination increases the chances of surviving this pandemic. In that case, the CDC should actually be saying, “Let’s face it, the unvaccinated cannot be trusted to wear masks, so we must force the vaccinated to do so too.”

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Mask guidance confusion explained

It surprised many Americans to learn that the CDC advised everyone, even those who were fully vaccinated, to wear face masks indoors in high-transmission areas.

NIH director Francis Collins said that the real risk of disease is to unvaccinated people.  Vaccination reduces the risk of infection, Collins explains. People who have been vaccinated usually have only mild symptoms in the event of breakthrough infection.

A breakthrough infection of Covid-19 might be spread just as easily by vaccinated people as by unvaccinated people, the CDC says. According to the CDC’s director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, “high viral loads suggest a potentially high risk of decay and transmission of the virus,” unlike other variants.

According to Walensky, that finding led to the CDC’s updated mask recommendation. Nevertheless, Collins said it’s crucial to emphasize the greater danger people who are not vaccinated face. Those who have not been vaccinated:

  • Have a three-fold increase in the chances of getting infected.
  • Have an eight-fold higher likelihood of getting sick if infected.
  • Have a 25-fold increase in their likelihood of hospitalization with Covid-19.
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