Pediatricians Are The Key To Get The Children Vaccinated With Hesitant Parents

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 27, 2021

Schools are reopening in the US and parents are still unsure whether to get their children vaccinated against Covid-19.

According to a new report, 50% of parents of children between 12 to 18 and 70% of parents having children between 3 to 11 have not consulted with their pediatrician yet for the vaccination. Out of all the children who do not get vaccinated, 3 out of 4 parents want the consultation of their personal child’s health care.

Co-Director of the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health, Sarah Clark said that the pediatrician should become more active and encourage the parents to get their children vaccinated soon. Also, make them clear about all their legal concerns related to the vaccine against Covid-19. She further added that such information has been sourced out regarding the vaccine and it’s too fast. That’s why people are worried and concerned as they want the best thing for their children and themselves.

Pediatricians Are The Key To Get The Children Vaccinated With Hesitant Parents

Clark, also a research scientist at Susan B.Meister Child Health Evaluation and Research Center at the University of Michigan said that due to lack of communication between pediatricians and parents, hesitancy will likely occur. As the pandemic hit last year, contact between parents and pediatricians was lost and all the routine checkups, appointments were halted because of social distancing and spreading of viruses.

The conversations about vaccines for younger age groups should have started beforehand when the pandemic was started. She further added that the pediatricians have undervalued the discussion about the vaccine to the parents, so if they talked about it before, families would be ready now. 

Pediatricians are the key to get the children vaccinated with hesitant parents

On Monday, a report was published based on the survey which indicated that 39% of parents having children aged 12 to 18 have already got their child vaccinated. Another 40% are not wanting to get their children vaccinated and the other 21% are ready to get their children vaccinated. This survey was conducted with a total of 2,109 adult samples having at least one child from age 3 to 18. 

When the Covid-19 vaccine will be licensed for children under the age of 12, 49% of parents with children in younger age groups want their children to get vaccinated. On the other hand, 51% are not likely to get their child vaccinated. According to CNN’s analysis, 38% of children between 12 to 17 have gotten their first jab of the vaccine two weeks from the opening of the new school year. So, 30% of the population between this age group will get vaccinated.

According to a report, the reasons parents are not getting their children vaccinated are its efficacy, side effects, testing of vaccines for children’s age group and their own research. The same study also revealed that parents having weak incomes are more hesitant than the wealthier parents to get their child vaccinated. Few parents having income less than $50,000 have reported that their child already got vaccinated or is likely to get a vaccine against the parents having more than an income of $100,000.

Sarah linked a low level of education among lower-income households which leads to mistrust about the vaccines and become more hesitant and susceptible. So, the solution to this will be that health care providers should communicate with the parents and clear all the doubts related to vaccines and other major concerns. Pediatricians play an important role in preparing parents to have their children vaccinated. Vaccinations should be discussed at every checkup and consultation. Pediatricians, according to Clark, can use appealing and novel ideas in their approach, such as video conferences and asking parents questions..Pediatricians and family physicians should clear all the concerns of the hesitant parents without judging them and label them as ‘anti-vaxxers’. The main aim is to pass information from a person who the family trusts for a long time. 

President of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Dr. Lee Savio Beers said via mail that due to misinformation and many rumors about the Covid-19 vaccine on social media have raised doubts and questions in the mind of parents and it is totally relatable. She encouraged parents and families to reach out to the pediatricians as they are the trusted experts and are eager to talk and help in making the families healthy during the pandemic. 

Clark further insisted pediatricians make sure to reach out to the parents as they know about their child’s history better and can guide them with the whole process and side effects also. 

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